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Neo-colonialism Literature & Language Essay Paper Term Paper (Essay Sample)


The isntructons was to write an argumentative essay based on Orwell's Shooting an Elephant . NO OUTSIDE SOURCE WAS REQUIRED.


Undoubtedly, Orwell's Shooting an Elephant is a political essay intended to express the challenges of colonialism and neocolonialism. Orwell uses the metaphor of shooting an elephant to express power wrangles and loyalty in Burma's colony. At face value, the Burmese are the oppressed. However, the author allows the reader to view the colonialism from Orwell's point of view. He, too, suffers abuse from the colonized and is not safe. The absurdity of the colonial contest is further expounded by the fact that Orwell, in as much as he is white and works for the colonial government, hates imperialism. This paper provides a critical analysis of Gorge Orwell’s essay: Shooting an Elephant. Specifically, the paper will focus on the theme of colonialism and difficulties in showing allegiance to both the oppressed and the oppressors. Although shooting the elephant was oppressive (a form of colonialism), Orwell was compelled to do so to express allegiance to the Burmese and fulfill the expectations of White imperialists.

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