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Newspaper analysis (Essay Sample)

It involved analysis of the first page of a newspaper source..
Name Institution Course Date ANALYSIS OF FRONT PAGE OF THE NEWYORK TIMES NEWS PAPER Introduction The newspaper is used as a method of relaying information of various parts of the world to the people. There are various channels used for the representation of news. Such channels include newspapers, internet, television, magazines, and radio. News as explained is representation not facts, which are produced by using aspects like photographs and produced in language (Bignell, Jonathan, 54). The printing of events is selected wisely as not all news are worthy of publication. This is an aspect that the editors have to constantly review. This essay will concentrate on an analysis of one of the popular newspapers in US. As viewed in this newspaper the important news are given the biggest priority in regards to publication. The other aspect that newspapers do is that they use the size of the font of the headline as the main story. Photographs are used in newspapers as an aspect that relays part of the information published. Photographs are pictures, which are produced using the chemical action regarding light and produced on films, which are light sensitive. The size of the picture used is said to affect the attention of those who will read (Bignell, Jonathan, 93). The front page is taken by the newspaper industry as the part that will determine the sales of that newspaper. As viewed in this n...
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