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The poet John Keats (Essay Sample)


The instructions of this paper required one to research on John Keats\' life history. This sample expounds on the life history of Keats from childhood to his death that took place in February 1821 while in Rome. The paper also provides detailed information on some his products as a poet.

The Poet, John Keats
1 Keats life and Family
2 Keats’ friends
3 Keats’ illness
4 Keats’ poetry
Keats’s life and family
John Keats was born prematurely to Frances Jennings and Thomas Keats, a Devonshire man in late October 1775 in one of the villages in London. He was born at a time when poetry was re-awakening. His father was a very poor man; he inherited most of his properties from his father in law. John was the eldest of the five children born to Frances and Thomas. His siblings included George, Tom, Fanny and Edward, who had died in childhood. Keats brother grew together in brotherhood; their family pride was remarkable in the society. However, the pride of Keats’ brother was only future oriented; none of them paid attention to the past events. They aimed at uplifting the name of their family without regarding their history; they left no record concerning their success in life (Forman, 228).
Frances and Thomas loved their children very much; they wished to send them to Harrow for their education. However, due to their family’s wanting economic status, John and his siblings undertook their early education at Enfield School, a school that was well renowned of offering liberal education. While in Enfield school, John had a role model by name Charles Clarke. Charles Clarke was a son of Enfield School’s headmaster. In addition to having enough learning materials, Charles was good in literature. He encouraged and taught John on how to write and read (Allot, 60).
John lost his father through death in April 1804; he had fallen from a horse on his way home. The death of his father, a stable-keeper greatly affected him. His father’s death had led to his mother remarriage with Moorgate, another man within London City. The remarriage of his mother with Moorgate, a stable-keeper exposed him to a lot of mental tortures. His unrest intensified after the separation between his mother and the stepfather. As a result of his mother’s separation with his stepfather, John together with his mother and siblings moved to Edmonton to live with their grandmother, Mrs. Jennings. While in his grandmother’s home, John took his studies from one of the nearby schools. Unfortunately, the economic status of Mrs. Jennings affected his character traits greatly; he spent much of his time in school fighting his fellow pupils including his own brothers instead of reading. His physical appearance and character traits made majority of the people link him with military instead of literature. However, it was in this school that John developed a passion for literature.
John and his siblings lost their mother in 1810. She had died of tuberculosis at the age of 35. The death of his mother led to his grandmother taking the role of taking care of him and his siblings. Due to inability as a result of old age, his grandmother hired two guardians, Mr. Rowland Sandell and Mr. Richard Abbey to take care of him together with his siblings. The appointment of the two guardians further affected John’s academic advancement; he was removed from where he was schooling in 1811 by Mr. Abbey and turned him into a surgeon apprentice (Forman, 230). To his advantage the surgeon area was located near his old school; he accessed the school library regularly and continued receiving encouragement from his senior friend, Charles. He worked as surgeon apprentice fo...
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