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Listening Over Speaking (Essay Sample)


It talks about the benefits of listening as opposed to speaking


"Effective listening is more important than talking."
Accomplishing fantastic things and succeeding is a drive that is ingrained in human psychology. The blood vessels are filled with the desire for achievement and the fear of the unknown, and all it needs to be good is a positive mindset. Many successful individuals that I have met are better listeners and talk only when necessary. Listening is, without a doubt, very essential compared to talking. It means correctly obtaining, adequately comprehending, and drawing conclusions from the person speaking while actively participating and making suggestions to the communicator (Schmitt 180).
Listening mastery is necessary to develop effective communication and create practical learning skills (Renukadevi). It doesn't matter how brilliant an individual is; they can still gain information through effective listening. The famous Buddhist leader, Dalai Lama, said that listening is an invaluable skill; it offers you an opportunity to learn new things. By talking, you are confined to familiar ideas. Every individual you meet will have one or two things to educate us, but we can only do so through successful listening. People would get most of their information by listening until the advent of writing. Effective listening is an essential skill for students because it demonstrates their appreciation for the instructor, creating a thriving, supportive teacher-student interaction (Caspersz and Stasinska).
Among the essential leadership qualities is effective listening; it's influential when building or leading a team. Strong leaders must be accessible, alert, and adaptable. Listening conveys reverence and consideration, so, as a result, the populace creates a sense of confidence and shows appreciation. A good leader listens to public complaints, generating a sense of pride among his followers. It also makes a leader humble, protecting him against greed. Successful listening helps a leader to build a mindset of welcoming feedback and implementing appropriate adjustments. Leaders lacking efficient listening skills are supported by friends who accentuate them more with flattering words, and their downfall becomes their destiny. As a result, good listening is a fundamental trait for achieving greatness and prominence (Schmitt 180).
An individual's propensity to talk too much and to listen little may have significant consequences for their lives. It makes an individual happy with their own experience, making them reluctant to gain from everyone else. When a particular individual talks a lot, they waste time by engaging in rumors and pointless conversations. The behavior of too much-talking fashions an individual to have retrogressive character traits, for instance, denial, greedy, egoistic, and narcissistic. It impairs a person's comprehension capacity. It has detrimental effects on individuals' interactions, whether with their family, educators, colleagues, or coworkers. Unnecessary t

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