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Racism: Cause and Effect of Racism in Today's Society (Essay Sample)


An essay about racism

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22nd September, 2016
Racism: Cause and Effect of Racism in Today’s Society
Although many claim racism is nonexistent in today’s society, racism still exists and comes in many different forms. Racism refers to discrimination against people because they belong to a different race on a belief that they are inferior. The members of a particular race are perceived to have qualities that distinguishes them from people therefore they are seen as inferior e.g. due to their color, language or customs (Chin, Jean L 32). It also involves stereotyping and prejudice.
Racism can be broadly categorized into: individual level racism which occurs at personal level and systematic level racism that occur at institution level or within the structure of the society. Individual level racism can be: internalized racism whereby people have negative attitude, bias and stereotypes towards themselves as they feel they are inferior e.g. believing that they are less intelligent and interpersonal racism which involve behaviors that occur as people interact with one another. Systematic racism can be: institutional racism which is seen in institutions such as work places and structural racism in the society and among different institutions (Chin, Jean L. 32). This discrimination comes about because of culture, beliefs, history and policies within the institutions.
Racism can also be: blatant/ overt racism which is type of racism in which people openly and unapologetically express how they feel about people of a different race, covert/polite racism whereby racists do not express how they feel openly and unintentional/subliminal racism whereby a person unknowingly or unintentionally stereotypes or discriminates people of a given race e.g. children may be racist due to the actions of their parents or friends.
Roots of racism and racism in the United States
Racism began with the introduction of modern slave trade. It was a consequence that came as a result of slavery. As time went by, racism was embedded in the institutions within the society in order to make slavery legitimate (Albanesi, Heather, and Carole A. 22). Racism also was used to promote capitalism as it could not exist without racism.
Just like any other state in the world, the United State has been experiencing racism. Research done in 2015 shows that six out of ten Americans agree that racism is bad and four out of ten think that the challenge is becoming worse. It is not only about disparity between the whites and blacks but the Arabs and other non-black countries are affected. Research by Federal Bureau of Investigation shows that 47% of crimes committed out of hate are racial, research by Washington post shows that black men who are not armed are more likely to be shot by police compared to whites whereas women are from time to time beaten, raped or killed by police (Wallis, Jim 30). There hate groups formed on the basis of racism in different states e.g. Ku Klux Klan, black...
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