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Robert Lowell Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Use the texts in any autobiographical poem in Lowell’s Selected Poems, any chapter or memoir in Lowell’s Memoirs, and any poem or prose item in Yamada’s Camp Notes and Other Writings (Mitsuye Yamada). What kinds of difficult or traumatic experience does the speaker undergo and how does the speaker handle that experience? You may focus on Robert Lowell alone, or you may compare the two writers. (Robert Lowell and Mitsuye Yamada)


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Robert Lowell
Robert Lowell was a celebrated poet who lived for 60 years, which is between 1917 and 1977. His poems were mainly about his family, past, and present. He wrote autobiographical poems that emphasized his personal, family, and psychological struggles. In one of his autobiographical poems, he recollects his memories as a child and combines them with those of his adulthood to demonstrate the traumatic experience he went through.
Lowell writes in his poem 'skunk hour' of how he had lost purpose, courage, and desire in life, the reason being the frustrations, failure, and doubts he had about himself. He presents himself as a woman on an island buying cultural antiques but fails. “She buys up all/ the eyesores facing her shore,/and lets them fall.” (Skunk Hour 10-12). The act of buying cultural antiques and failing demonstrates the struggles he has with failure. The next representation expresses frustration as seen in the statements "the season is ill/ summer millionaire" 

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