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Rock and Roll (Motown Recording Corporation) (Essay Sample)


writing from scratch whats all about rock and roll

Student Name Lecturer’s Name Course Name and Number Date Submitted Rock and Roll Question 1 Motown Recording Corporation is a music industry which was also referred to as Hartsville. The history of Motown was founded by Berry Gordy, Jr in Detroit, United States of America, in 1959. This corporation had an irresistible force of cultural and social change. The fame of Motown is not only known in the music industry but also the society at large. It has become one of musical accomplishments with a stunning success stories that took place in the 20th century. There is no other music recording company that was in existence in fifties. Motown Corporation had exerted an enormous influence on both music style and culture. The main music genres that were produced by Motown are the Hip-hop and pop. Motown stands as historic music. The remarked legacy reflects a hard work of Motown management. On January 1959, Berry Gordy founded the Motown Record Corporation. He acquired a loan of $800 from his family. It was at this point that Motown Records Corporation was born. Berry was a young black American songwriter. Berry wanted a good business name for business. He recalled his in the motor industry and decided to pay a tribute by naming his business as “Motor Town”. Berry was a man of vision and self driven. He was determined to succeed in his work. In general, Berry had a lot of impressing skills. These skills enabled a phenomenal success of Motown Records. Question 2 The phenomenal success was like a tribute to him. His success embodied the talents he had nurtured in other people. The support he got from his family and artists made him to be a good and focused leader. It was through this that made Berry forge new grounds for minorities. He also made the “Motown Sound”. Motown Sound is the current world wide phenomenon that is beloved by millions today. According to him, he believed in making negatives look positive. Whatever Motown learned from outside, he would always apply it to his business. At around 1960s, Motown produced a catalog with a variety of songs. Most of the songs included in this catalog were simple love songs. They were joyful, happy or heartbreaking songs. Gordy tried using his usual bluster to make these songs be noticed in the music industry. Gordy finally managed to make the “sound of Young America”. It was this that boosted his Motown Record Corporation. The music genre from the Sly and the Family Stone was psychedelic in soul. This led to expansion of Family Stone history, which pioneered this genre. This family stone did not turn out to be a mega driver of these genres. There has been a revolution of music genres in the ...
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