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Stages of Human Life Development and Why is it Important (Essay Sample)


Development Assignment


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Development Assignment
At the stage and age of college-undergraduate student, sometime I dive into my past endeavors. I swim with the memorable/enjoyable moments I had spent and the learning I had earned from my parents, teachers, seniors and elders. I have sketched my life stages and my liking, activities throughout my life spam up-till-now on the canvas of this paper which is presented hereunder for your perusal.
Early childhood (3-6):
I completely remember that it was the time when I enjoyed in true spirit. It was, indeed, joy, delight, and pleasure of my life.
What were you like at this stage?
I like toys, games, gardens, merry-go-rounds, playing with other kids. Oh, yes, I like to be enchanted by my parents, my brother, my sister and my cousins around me. I was a happy and charming child, and I like charm and happiness at that stage of my life.
What was important to you?
That was very e

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