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STAR Interviewing Method and its Advantages over other Interviewing (Essay Sample)


STAR Interviewing Method and its Advantages over other Interviewing Techniques


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STAR Interviewing Method and its Advantages over other Interviewing Techniques
STAR interviewing method is a strategy utilized in interview arrangement that sorts out the interviewee's musings to empower them to address behavioral interview questions obviously and succinctly (Littig & Beate 102). STAR methods empower one to be explicit in each inquiry posed and staying engaged and giving positive models. STAR is a contraction representing Situation, Task, Activity, and Result.
An interviewee portrays the condition. The portrayal ought to be quite specific and relating to work done previously, regardless of whether from an occupation, city action, or relevant experience (Michael). This situation could be from one's past activity, experience from a willful work, or only one more important occasion.

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