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Stars’ ability to be “symbols Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The Premise: Richard Dyer argues that stars are important signs and symbols of our society’s dominant ideologies and values with regards to American Identity (success, consumption, ordinariness, love) (79). This means that, if we take a close look at any particular star, we will be able
to glimpse something specific that society believes or values about American Identity.
The Assignment: Summarize and evaluate Dyer’s main arguments about stars’ ability to be “symbols” and take a position on whether stars are effective at reflecting, replicating, or reinforcing these social values and ideologies through success, consumption, ordinariness, and love. Use one,
single, specific star as a test case on which to apply Dyer’s ideas; compare Dyer to other theorists; provide an evaluation of Dyer’s theories and, by extension, an evaluation of how/why stardom functions so largely in our society.
Requirements: This paper must be a minimum of five (5) pages and a maximum of seven (7) pages. Use double spacing. Your page number should not include your Works Cited page. You must use
MLA format and citation style (refer to your Pocket Style Guide). Use 1-inch margins and a 12 point Times New Roman font. No cover page. Papers should be submitted with the following (and only
the following) at the top of the first page: Name, Course Name/Number, Instructor, Date Submitted.
Sources: A total of FOUR scholarly sources are required for this paper, one of which should be Dyer. Your second source can be another reading from our course. Your third and fourth source should be a source we have not used in class that you have found on your own using the research
strategies outlined by the Library Session (for instance, one book and one scholarly journal article). Your other sources should be popular sources that are carefully chosen and applied to make your argument (film scenes, interviews, TV appearances, magazine articles, newspapers, social media
account, etc.)
Evaluation: When evaluating your papers, I will be looking at how well you are: forming a thesis, showing originality, constructing and organizing your argument, using textual evidence with accurate summary, showing you understand the main themes of the course/unit, meeting stylistic and
grammatical standards, and finding and using sources.


Course Name/Number
Stars’ Ability to be “Symbols”
As one becomes of age, one progressively understands that the disconnection between where one is presently and where one planned to be is not in a lifetime going to be spanned. In one's day by day life, one imagines that they will get up to speed, constitute the bewildered basis, and abruptly be shot to that tricky mystical spot of 'Achievement'. However, gradually it begins to leak through from your subliminal to the cognizant: this is your destiny, this is the kind of person you are, this is your life. Richard Dyer's celebrity hypothesis can be divided into three fields; the star as a development, the star as a product, and the star as a belief system. Richard Dyer likewise suggested the 'paradox of the star'. Dyer begins by building up the fundamental standards of constructed-ness and spots. Such an investigation of its place inside the relations of consumption and production permits us to push ahead to the studies appropriate of celebrity images and the social explicitness of their impacts. We would then be able to utilize this information on the celebrities in the studies of movies in which they show up.

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