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Tewolde Genenie (Essay Sample)


3 pages MLA essay on the topic: Pessimists can turn out to be right, but optimists are more likely to enjoy themselves


Tewolde Genenie
Professor Odhiambo Oluoch
English 654
28 January 2014
Pessimists can turn out to be right, but optimists are more likely to enjoy themselves.
In the past years, research on optimism/ pessimist has established more attention because of its impact on psychological, mental and social being.
According to my finding, the above statement is very true, a good way to have a clear view of this is to know what exactly being pessimist or optimist is.
Pessimists are the individuals that believe that things are normally not good and that they might even get worse. The always have a feeling that bad things that happen are permanent and will always continue and have an effect in their lives. The foundation of pessimist's attitude is unaided and not anything they do will make a change, so why even try.
Optimists have a believe that the universe is positive habitat and setbacks are not permanent, that setbacks are stepping stone to success and that each creature plays an active role in the daily life happenings. Optimistic individual have less infectious disease, better body response system, in general better health tendency and have a longer life.
Most of us can encounter the trap somewhere in amid, by any chance if someone find himself moving towards the negative side often, Therefore, individual should look at your overall perspective.
Optimists’ individuals are more likely to enjoy themselves because they feel happy inside. Pessimists always do not. It seems too simple, but it means that optimists feel great about things. Pessimist always complain, do not feel content with themselves which make others feel the same for them, though to some extent they are right about their feelings, things might not be going right on their side. Nevertheless, they can be taught to change their attitude and be optimistic through learning cognitive skills. "An optimist is an individual who gets chased by a lion, and have fun of the scenery."An Individual can internalize this perception in your life, through being aware of how individual react to the goings around individual.
People with higher optimistic life direction experience everyday activities in a positive way and expect more positive result than pessimist (scheier & Carver, 1985). People can understand Positive orientation of life as being of benefit to health as high optimistic people appear to magnetize supportive social relations, and have different health routine than pessimists, who have a tendency of giving up and turn in stressful situations (Brisette, Scheier, & carver, 2002; Scheier & carver, 1992; Smith & William, 1992). Nevertheless, empirical evidence showing that higher optimism can reduce health problem risk remains inconclusive.
There are few eventual studies that connect life orientation with the growth of serious physical sickness. The Normative Aging Study on old men with no cardiovascular infection at entry into the study shows optimism to be linked with lower occurrence of coronary heart infection. In regard to this, other studies found a reduced danger of heart infection for people with low pessimism.
In spite of the broad indication on the association amid life orientation and health, it may be premature to come to a conclusion that lower health danger in optimists is a product of nature that protects against adverse effects of traumatic life events.
Pessimists have learned to distance themselves and this coping strategy may not be substantially less adaptive than active problem-focused coping immediately after an uncontrollable rigorous event as the death of a family member (Bonano, 2004). Instead of moderated effect, higher pessimism can relate as ...
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