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The American Dream (Essay Sample)


the sample is about the American dream and how the short story ''raisin in the sun resonates with it. American Dream is about equality for everyone and success. the same is seen in the raisin in the sumn where the children to a old mama strive to become successful. the daughter tries to break from the traditional bondage and believe that women are homemakers by pursing a career in medicine.


The American dream
The raisin in the sun resonates with the idea of the American dream, which says that everybody has an equal opportunity to become successful in life despite where they are born. Hard work, sacrifice, and taking a risk is all that is required to achieve this dream. This kind of dream goes beyond the earlier ethics in the society that suggested that women should not go to work, and men were the breadwinners. This society was characterized by conformity to specific rules and regulations rather than trying things and exercising individual potential. While Lena, also referred to as 'mama' in A raisin in the sun, thinks that her children should be contented with their lives as it is, just like in their time, the children dream for a better future and life. With the insurance money, the family is waiting to have, each member gives his version of how the American dream should look. Through the younger generation depicted in the play, it addresses some of the issues of the 1950s in American society while trying to promote the idea of the American dream.
A raisin in the sun is a revolutionary work that addresses some of the issues that characterized America in the 1950s. The society in this time was characterized by the idea of conformity to the cultural beliefs and norms. This society depicted women as happy home keepers, and the blacks were portrayed to be contented in their low life status. Hansberry brings about some themes like poverty and discrimination, which characterized society in this period. For example, Lena, with her children and daughter-in-law and grandson, lives in a one-bedroom house with a shared bathroom (Hansberry). Through the character of Beneatha, Hansberry can address the issue that women, just like any other person in America, have the power to choose what to do with their lives. She implies that marriage should not be the ultimate goal for a woman, but she should be ambitious in life and pursue any career just like men. Through Walter’s wife, she also talks about abortion, bringing the issue of abortion into a discussion; at a time, it was viewed as illegal.
When the family hears of the $10,000 life insurance cheque they were to receive upon the death of Lena's husband, they take it as an opportunity to liberate themselves from poverty, and everybody has their plans and ambitions (Hansberry). Beneatha brings about the idea of breaking from the norm, and as a young woman, she is in college pursuing her dream career in medicine. She is happy that her mother will now be able to finance her education, thus enabling her to realize this dream. Walter's character is used to demonstrate America's dream, where people are encouraged to progress through handwork and sacrifice. He is unsatisfied with his state as a chauffeur. At one instance, while talking to the wife and his mother, he says, "A woman says to eat your eggs baby, a man says I got to change my life… (Hansberry)"With the portion of the insurance money, he wants to start a liquor business and build a life that he desires. He wants to rise the social ladder; he desires a better life, to have a big house, own car, afford pearls for his wife, and a reputable office job. However, when the family loses money through a fraudster. When offered payment by Mr. Lindner in the exchange of not moving to their new home in the white neighborhood, they refuse the offer, to demonstrate human dignity is essential than material things. It still shows the importance of holding our dignity even when trying to pursue our dreams.
This essay is important because it encourages the American dream and progress and I would recommend it to my friend.

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