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The Danger of Telling Poor Kids that College is Key to Social Mobility (Essay Sample)


Carefully read Andrew Simmons essay “The Danger of Telling Poor Kids that College is the Key to Social Mobility.” Make sure you watch my lecture on Simmons’s essay and the video that explains the instructions for your Analysis Essay.
Your essay needs to accomplish the following:
It should follow the MLA format, which we have already covered.
Shoot for 2 full pages. You need to make sure that your essay fulfills the two page minimum requirement.
To keep things organized, I want you to break your essay into three sections:
The first paragraph should provide information on the article’s title, its place of origin, its author, and its date of publication. It should also provide a basic summary of the article, highlighting the author’s main points and most significant ideas. In this way, it will be like the first paragraph from your previous essay.
The second through fourth paragraphs should provide a more detailed analysis of the article. Here, you will have an opportunity to analyze on three techniques that Simmons employs in his article. You might want to analyze his purpose, intended audience, organization, thesis statement, anecdotes, or repetition. Use my lecture on Simmons’s article as a starting point. For example, if you analyze his thesis statement, you would explain where his thesis is located in his article, determine what type of thesis statement he employs (fact, value, policy), explain how you know what type of thesis it is, and comment on the effectiveness of his thesis. Each paragraph should analyze only one technique. For example, if you decide to analyze how Simmon's essay is organized inductively, then make sure you stick with induction for the entire paragraph. Do not switch to a different technique mid-paragraph.
The fifth paragraph will give you an opportunity to evaluate the article. Some questions you might want to consider: Did I learn anything new from this article? Was the article interesting? Why or why not? Is there is anything about the article that I would change or revise? Was the article persuasive? These questions should merely be a guide; please do not answer them directly in your essay.
**Make sure you have a Works Cited page at the end of your essay.*


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
College as the Key to Financial Independence
The article “The Danger of Telling Poor Kids That College Is the Key to Social Mobility” was published on The Atlantic, written by Andrew Simmons on January 16, 2014 (Simmons n.p.). The author argues that higher education has been presented to children from low-income backgrounds as the road to financial independence, thereby training them to become good employees. Contrastingly, kids from privileged families have no financial hurdles. Thus, educators present higher institutions as an opportunity for intellectual awakening stimulating innovativeness and creativity, leading to a more balanced ambitious life and work ethic. Educators need to present higher institutions as places for stimulating intellectual awakening.
Simmons arranges his content inductively, beginning with facts before presenting the conclusions and recommendations. For instance, the fourth paragraph starts with facts about Isabella’s economic struggles. Simmons then presents how Isabella desired to nurture her intellectual passion hence her desire to join oceanography. Finally, he avows how college will allow Isabella to live her academic dreams instead of financial windfalls. The next paragraph identifies Simmons’s students as financially underprivileged. Consequently, the students fantasize about jolly futures provided through the best colleges. Simmons lastly observes that the students desire to attend prestigious institutions, not because of the academic achievement instilled by the school but financial prosperity, which disregards the pre-professional spirit.
In continuation, Simmons employs anecdotes to certify his argument that educators present college as a key to financial propensity rather than intellectual awakening. For instance, Simmons recalls editing the admission essay by a 12th-grader in his class. He notes the essay's distinctiveness made Isabella’s thoughts regarding the shallowness of college characterization remarkable. He uses anecdotes when describing where some of his students live, that is the Black and Latino pupils. Furthermore, he uses anecdotes to inform the audience of his students' preoccupation with money, as he has observed. Anecdotes make Simmons’s story convincing and more real.
The article's target audience was particular to ensure the right people get Simmons’s arguments and thus act accordingly. First, Simmons targeted the low-income populace who are the main losers from the current indoctrination that college is the key to financial success. Simmons directly addresses that audience as he says, “People are privileged to follow their hearts in life, to spend their time crafting an identity instead of simply surviving” (Simmons n.p.). The article is also single-minded to influence educators to propagate a different mindset into the kids of the less privileged to promote innovativeness and open-mindedness necessary for professional development. Teachers are a crucial audience who will engage in “selling” college as “an opportunity to experience an intellectual awakening.”
The a

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