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The Hunger Games: Survival Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


use the theme of survival to write an essay about The Hunger Games book. include topic sentence use citation from the book to back up statements.


The Hunger Games: Survival
Survival for the fittest is a clichéd adage; however, few people pause to examine the need and possibility of preserving one’s humanity and dignity when survival remains the sole end. Survival is a prevalent theme in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. Though purely theoretical and largely fictional, Suzanne’s publication logically proves that self-preservation is both vital and tenable even when striving to survive extreme life situations.
The Hunger Games is a tale of surviving the aftermath of huge economic inequality that saw massive wealth concentrated among the minorities who lived mostly in the Capitol, leaving the rest of the districts in Panem to languish in abject poverty. Through the eyes of Katniss and Peeta, this disparity manifest as the former notes that starvation is so severe and common in District 12 that she is compelled to traipse beyond the borders of her district, hunting – illegally –to fend for her family (Collins 263).

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