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The Understanding Apology by Plato (Essay Sample)


The main theme of the Apology is the unjust and untrue nature of the Athens judges were against Socrates. There is the issue of democracy, judgment, and justice which are addressed in the Apology. Although despite being direct honest, Socrates accepted that he was by far wise than all the Athenian judges, teachers and poets. He also knew that with his wisdom, he was not the most perfect.


The Understanding Apology by Plato

After reading and understanding Apology by Plato, there are various issues that were put beforehand. To begin with, Apology is an account of events within which Socrates was brought before a court for not recognizing the gods that people of the state recognized. In a way, it was a trial against him not believing in the goods. As far as it might look like an apology, Socrates remarks and speech are not an apology. In a way, the speech is away for him to stand his ground against the things that the state is forcing him to believe. It is a defense against Athens for his conduct and for himself. Socrates is very plain at first and explains in the trial that he is not accustomed to the laws of the land and he does not understand them. He asserts that he will only speak in a manner that he is accustomed to which is directness and honesty.

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