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Understanding Terrorism: Multiple Definitions And Acts Of Violence (Essay Sample)


Understanding Terrorism QUESTIONS


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Understanding Terrorism
Question 1: Reaction to the arguments of Allen F. Dziuk
Terrorism has gained multiple definitions and these have been interpreted in different ways by different people. To some people, terrorism is just an act of violence which is directed to a particular group of people or a society, in a number of cases the government. Terrorism is usually initiated as a result of the drive to initiate political changes in a given government. This validates the argument of Allen Dziuk his book Murder is terrorism. He claims that it does not matter if an Islamic State commits the murder may wearing an explosive vest or an American citizen who is just angry over losing his job and picks up a gun. Either way, both of these acts are considered terrorism in the light of this book and according to the author. In the recent years that have gone by, several readers have been questioning the reasons for the sharp discrepancies which have been in existence between the two incidents which were covered in the recent times even though there has been a lot of similarity between the casualty counts. As a result of this, one letter has been published to address this claim, which regardless of who commits the murder, it is still considered as terrorism from whichever perspective one chooses to view it from. Some people commit suicide and put all the blames and the claims that the extreme Islamists initiated this murder incident. However, there are the non - Muslims who are actively engaged in murder incidences who take cover under the Islamic blames which are spreading around.
Any act of violence is terrorism. Therefore it is very significant to know which kind of violence is in existence in the world today so that they are rightly put into their various categories and classes. There is not an agreed definition of terrorism that has been reached. That is the reason why people have different views of what terrorism is and when to classify any act as an act of terrorism. According to a political analyst Alex Schmid in his work Political Terrorism (1983), He mentions one hundred definitions of tourism. By 2011, there were more than 250 definitions in place. Both terrorism and violence have the same effect. The main being that people are killed and property are damaged in both acts.
Regardless of a violent crime or an act of terrorism, these actions trigger some part of the brain which deals with threat detection. The brain classifies all these actions as terror, and therefore, it immediately starts processing the quickest way safety can be ensured (Lecture 1). Terrorism can also be referred to as instrumental violence. Equally, murder I most cases are committed by the use of weapons. Rarely will you find someone murdering by the use of bare hands? Therefore, crime can be classified under terrorism, and so, terrorism can be conducted by anyone as long as he or she is in possession of a weapon which can take life.
There are a lot of similarities that are shared between terrorism and murder. These are indications that any act which is in line with causing fear can be classified as terrorism. Also, any action which results in a loss of life can also be classified as fear. It does not matter who causes it because anybody can cause murder as long as they are out to air their grievances. Terrorists attack for several reasons; one common reason for their attack is to loot the property which is in a particular region. Terrorists equally engage in revenge activities maybe to pay for something that was not done well for one of them. These are the same reasons why people commit murder and resort to very murderous ventures which are not very friendly. In conclusion, it does not matter who is the cause of a murder incident, whatever results in murder can quickly fall into the bracket of terrorism and therefore it does not matter who causes it. The fact that the ideological causes of terrorism & its impact on history vary considerably is relevant to our discussion of terrorism. It is for this reason that Bruce Hoffman says the term terrorism is unstable (Lecture 1). It is for this reason that we took distinction as a path towards definition. In addition to these facts, I Lecture one, terrorism is referred to as a criminal act which aims at provoking terror in the general public or a sect of people and individuals which in many cases cannot be justified. Therefore, this definition clearly is suitable for the argument by Allen Dziuk that murder is a form of terrorism as it results into terror.

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