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Who is a Hero (Essay Sample)


Write a Definition Essay that answers the following question: What is a hero? You will state your definition and then support your viewpoint with evidence and examples of real life heroes (Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Cesar Chavez, etc.) and/or fictional heroes (Luke Skywalker, Black Panther, Nancy Drew, etc.). Here are some ideas to consider: What are the requirements for being a hero? Is a hero someone who saves people's lives? Is a hero someone who does good things and helps others? Must a hero always be brave, or can a hero be fearful about certain things?


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“Who Is A Hero?”
A hero is respected for their bravery, exceptional accomplishments, or noble traits. To be considered a hero, one must be idealistic, as heroes get power from believing in the validity of their principles. They think their principles to be a positive force in the world. In the face of criticism, personal loss, and even physical danger, they will stand up for their values. Heroes should be brave, which means behaving fearlessly even when terrified. Brave people realize that the situation is dangerous or unattainable, but they decide to overcome their fears and try it anyway. It would be best if you had a high level of empathy for others who feel the sadness of others and want to help them. Empathy is the jargon of this ability. Heroes need to be humble, honest, resilient, strong, nurturing to others, and steadfast in their beliefs. A hero is a person who is ready to position their non-public protection at threat to assist and shield others.
A hero is probably a person who immediately or not directly saves lives. Firefighters are heroes who store energies immediately with the aid of risking their personal lives to assist others. Someone who rushes right into a burning residence to keep a neighbor is withinside equal risk because of the ability victim. In American comedian books posted using Marvel Comics, fictional 

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