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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Nursing Ethics. Health, Medicine, Nursing Assignment (Essay Sample)


describing ethics in nursing


Nursing Ethics
In this case, I believe the reasons behind discontinuing dialysis for Miss Daisy would be to show compassion for her suffering, hasten her death, and prevent further attempts to prolong her life. The ethical reasons for this are first that there is an exercise of justice (Finkelman, Pp 11). Considering the available care and the affordability, Miss Daisy remains out of the capable group in terms of financial muscle. There are a lot of people in search of medical care, and doing justice to all can be tricky but still needs to be done. With the view of the case of Miss Daisy, the nurses that choose end-of-life care understand the needs of the patient and intend the best for the patient. Another ethical issue is beneficence, where the medical personnel evaluates the situation at hand, the necessary care, and the possible solutions to the job (Finkelman, Pp 17). In all the weight-lifting in thought, the goal is to do what is best for the patient. Miss Daisy is quite aged, and putting her through some rigorous treatment will only weaken and tire her and still make little progress. Making medical decisions for Miss Daisy is purely for her good.

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