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Updating the Medical Curriculum to Reduce Racial Bias (Essay Sample)


the paper required the student to choose anything they find helpful in reducing racial biasness in the medical sector. he/ she was to think of any effective way that can be used by the society to solve the problem, which affects both medical practitioners and patients.
The student gave me the responsibility of finding out what can be done, and writing about it. I came up with the topic and wrote about it


Updating the Medical Curriculum to Reduce Racial Bias.
Racial disparities have been and still are, a major challenge in the process of offering medical and health care. Its presence and strength have negatively greatly influenced the medical sector because an agreement between medical personnel and a patient is always required for successful treatment, as argued by (Wheeler & Sarahn et al. 1-11). This has led to poor health statuses among some members of the society, in some parts of the world, such as the Black Americans in the United States of America. This is not only affecting Black Americans but any other race in the world that has been affected by both psychological and physical forms of discrimination for quite some time.
According to (Yearby & Ruqaiijah 3-4), these discriminations lead to people growing with diverse perceptions about certain people, and hence finding some doctors and healthcare practitioners whose decisions are influenced by their perception about a certain patient they are treating. This leads to poor communication between patients and the medical personnel, which could in most cases cause changes in the expected medical interactions. For instance, in any case, racist medical personnel is dealing with a patient that doesn't belong to their race, and use racially offensive language while addressing their patient, then definitely the patient won't respond well to the medical procedure. This will eventually lower the degree to which our medical personnel delivers health care to the community.
You can agree with me that a solution is urgently needed to curb this problem. In solving this problem, I am focusing on the medical personnel which our medical institutions release to the medical field each year. We definitely cannot line up our medical practitioners and tell them not to discriminate against patients in any way. This can be achieved by letting them learn some things in a way that will help them in their medical careers, as well as help in healthcare delivery across the globe. The first thing to do is to include racial disparities and their impact on medicine in the medical curriculum. This will make our students aware of it before it happens, and hence help in changing the student's perception about racial differences.
The second thing is introducing the skill of individuating patients. This will involve teaching our medical students to view a patient as a unique person themselves, not a member of a certain group, class, tribe, or even race. This comes from the scientific fact that we are all different from one another, hence unique. Perceiving patients as unique individuals will do great work in reducing stereotyping instances which often lead to erroneous medical activities, as stated by (Manuel, Jennifer 1407-1429).
I must add the requirement of a communicat

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