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A Transition of the Federal Government after the Civil War Essay (Essay Sample)


How the federal government of the u.s transitioned after the civil war


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A Transition of the Federal Government after the Civil War
The civil war was one of the internal conflicts in the United States between a State and organized actors that are non-state in the state's territory. The civil war brought some changes and transformation to the federal government. It led to some key changes to the constitution that was adopted shortly after the civil war. It led to the abolishment of slavery and forced labour, and it also gave equal protection and gave African Americans the right to vote, thus cementing federal power.
The government neglected the gold standard to help pay for the civil war and for the first time, printed greenbacks. For the first time, the government had to sell bonds, and hence the Congress approved the first national banking system. The farmers benefited from the agricultural department's birth, and there was the creation of a national cemetery to hurt the dead union. Congress passed the first nation's income tax

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