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An Attack In Nigeria: The Criminal Activities Done By The Boko Haram (Essay Sample)


the order was mainly talking about the CRIMINAL activities done by the boko haram.

An attack in Nigeria Students Name Instructor An Attack in Nigeria Introduction Nigeria is a federal republic that is composed of mainly of 36 states. The president is usually elected by the people of the Nigeria and it has a bicameral legislature system. The population of the country is very diverse it has over 200 groups and this is the main reason why there are so many conflicts the country. The four largest groups comprise about 75% of the population of the country. In May 7 2018The fighting there was a serious fighting between the armies of Nigeria and the bandits who terrorize the northern parts of Nigeria. This left 45 people dead and some of the people were the police officers and the bandits from the local militia. This armed militia were responsible for several cases of the kidnappings, robbery and several violence which were reported in the northern part of Nigeria. These bodies of the 45 people were found scattered all over the place and especially in the bushes. The children who were abandoned by their parents. This was according to the local vigilante which was mainly appointed to peruse the armed bandits. The village which was badly affected was the Gwaska and this was according the research which was carried out by the BBC. The bandits according to this investigation shows that they were from the Zamfara state in the northern part of Nigeria and they have been terrorizing many villages in the northern part of Nigeria. This attack occurred at 2:30 pm and the attackers took more than 4 hours before they could retreat back to their hiding places. “many of the homes were bunt” this was the report from one of the villagers whose house was also burnt down (Ahmed 2017, 34). Article 1 According to the punch newspaper this group of bandits have been fighting over the cattle and they were also involved in another incident where 26 people lost their lives and most of them were the women and the children who could not defend themselves. “Twelve people were also killed in the attack which occurred on many villages,” this was the report which was given by the commander of the police from that particular region. Asari was a very known person and this is because he was mainly involved in most of the attacks that happened in Nigeria. He was the leader of this bandit group which has been terrorizing resident for a long period of time. This guy was born in the year 1964 and this is according to the global times newspaper. He went to his primary and secondary education in port Harcourt and then he went to university. Unfortunately, after 3 years he dropped out of school because of his personal reasons. After dropping out of school he converted to Islam and this gave him interest to join the regional politics but he failed. This was the time when Asari started to form very illegal groups which exhorted resources from the people. He formed also bandit groups in the northern part of Nigeria. This illegal group that was formed was known as the Niger delta vigilante and their main concern was to control the oil that was being mined at the delta (Egbunike 2017, 76). Due to this increasing number of the attacks on the civilians the government decided to form a military force that will mainly help to flush out the bandits who were responsible for the deaths of the 45 people in Nigeria This military force was also given the task responsible for bringing order in the border because this region was very much affected by the cattle rustling. A working group which was formed by the national economic council shows that the killings which mostly occurred in the northern part of Nigeria shows that it was the work of the bandits and several mercenaries (“Politics in a Global Context…..2017). The working group which was formed by the government was chaired by the president and its members were the nine governors. Kano who was the state governor gave out the highlights that the working group had decided and he said that the working group which was formed will work according to the commitment of the president do that they may flush out the armed bandits who have been disturbing the local people and also killing the local people in Nigeria. The nine governors whose main task was to form the working group included the governors of different states. These states included: Zamfara, Kaduna, Adamawa, Benue, Taraba, Edo, Plateau, Ebonyi and Oyo. These governors main task was to foster the decisions which were made by the president. This mainly aimed at identifying the bandits who were attacking the residents and bringing them into book (Egbunike 2017, 46). Article 2 According to the global news magazine which shows that the final solution had been achieved and it the military had to be engaged so that this illegal grouping can actually be brought to book. This problem according to the council needed a political intervention because the religious and the ethnic solution which had been put in place before had actually worsen the situation and this had brought many deaths of the civilians. The main aim of this working group was to locate and identify the local bandits who had been terrorizing the residents. The bandits were to be flushed out by the military wing that had been formed by the president himself. According the global newspaper the main targets where then bandits were actually located were in the forest all across the country. The working group was also resolved to work with the federal government so that they can strengthen the law enforcement and the intelligence agencies. This was mainly aimed at helping the country deal with the bandits and to prevent another crisis from happening. The presidency maintained that the new director-general who had been appointed as the director for the national intelligence was capable of doing this job. In a statement to the journalists the president gave a speech that the government was actually focused to restore peace and order in the most parts of the country and they could work hand in hand with the national intelligence agency ("In pursuit of persuasion….2018). The president spokesman gave a statement about Abubakar who had been appointed as the national intelligence agency and he gave many reasons why he was fit do this job. There was however lots of critics from the local lenders which suggested that Abubakar was not fit to do the job this is because Abubakar ad failed in the promotion. He had also failed in exams more than twice and therefore the local leaders wanted him to quit the local leaders also gave many reasons why Abubakar was not fit to do the job and one of the reason was that he had married a Moroccan and therefore he cannot be sensitive when it comes to the matters of security (Liukonen 2018, 234). Article 3 The future article which was published on the September 26 2004 describes how the villagers who have been affected especially in the Kaduna states have formed a local vigilante which will mainly help to combat the attackers that have been attacking their villages. This vigilante is working hand in hand with the police so that they can combat the rising number of the attacks that is happening in the villages. This vigilante was also mainly aimed at looking at the sources where the fulani people usually find their guns. “A lot of the cattle rustling that was happening in the region was mainly funded by the chiefs, politicians and the lawyers,” said kwara who was the head of the vigilante group. The police were also accused for supplying weapons to the bandits and this has led to the increased number of the cattle rustlers in the region. This has also led to the loss of many lives. The vigilante group have also been accused on carrying out the extra judicial killings of the suspected bandits and this has led to the rising number of the bandits. Due to the rising number of the attack the government has put in place a joint effort that will help to reduce the rising number of cattle rustling that is happening in the region. The local leaders have also appreciated this move and this was a statement which was given by Shehu Hammayidi who the community leader is. The MACBAN has also been urged expose some of the criminals who have been terrorizing the residents. The several meetings that were failed and in the year 2004 transitional federal government was formed by this government greatly helped to reduce the conflict by the year 2005. The police are considered as corrupt by the local people and the crime rate is very high this has mainly made the local people to form the local vigilante and this has really helped the local people to reduce the crime rates that are happening in the villages. The vigilante in...
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