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Benjamin Franklin's Contributions History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Born in 1706, Benjamin Franklin died in 1780. A writer, scientist and Inventor, he is still best known as one of the drafters of the Declaration of Independence; one of the most important members of the Constitutional Convention that drafted the U.S. Constitution; and, of course, a Founding Father of this nation. However, Franklin was also a very prolific inventor, and many of the things he thought up, researched, developed, but never patented, are still in use today. In fact, many of his inventions are probably more important today then they were in his own time. After accessing the website provided below, and using the information that you learn there, please address the following questions in your post for this discussion:
Top Ten Ben Franklin Inventions (website)
Identify and discuss one (1) invention by Benjamin Franklin that you did not know of before accessing this website.
How has this invention had an impact on your life or the modern world?


Benjamin Franklin's Contributions
Benjamin Franklin is not only the founding fathers of the United States but also a prolific inventor. He contributed to many things, although he did not pattern them. His inventions are estimated to be worth a fortune if only he patterned the same. However, according to Franklin, it was all in in favor of the typical resident as he quotes "As we enjoy the advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously" (Franklin 382). Although he is known for inventing several devices, he never patterned any of them. All his inventions are observed to be practical and among them included the urinary catheter, the odometer, glass armonica, the long arm (reaching device), the Franklin stove, the lightning rod, and bifocal eyeglasses (Fleming 12). Among his invention, the swimming fins is not something expected to come from Mr. Franklin. Franklin is said to have discovered the swim fins at 11 years old, and this is one of the most practical inventions even though not that popular like the rest of his inventions.

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