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Development Of American Nation After The American Civil War Of 1961 (Essay Sample)


to describe the need for development of American Nation after the american civil war of 1961


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The Civil War remains a central event in America's historical consciousness as it formed a defining moment of the American state building. The emergence of the Northern side as the victors of the war gave America hope of being a nation. There was a need for the development of an indivisible nation and a strong sovereign central government that could ensure equal rights and liberty to the Americans.
There was a need for the development of a strong central government after the civil war to eradicate slavery in the nation. The main reason for the emergence of the civil war was the uncompromising differences between the free northern and the southern slave states. The reign of Abraham Lincoln failed to recognize the existence of the slave trade in the southern regions, an act that triggered the devastating war. Lincoln, upon election, failed to build a different government order that could directly or indirectly interfere with the institution of slavery in the southern states (Gerstle 2). The fact that slavery did not fall under federal jurisdiction meant that its eradication was a mandate of the state government. Therefore, a strong central government was needed to change the law that could abolish slavery in the southern states. There was the need for transfer of power from the state to the central government after the war to end the slavery, racism, and discrimination observed in America.

The Civil war had a huge impact on the nation, and there was the need for the development of the country politically, socially and economically. The southern part was greatly affected by the war with the state's economic structure being destroyed. The eradication of slavery and the destruction of land meant that the southerners had less to do for their

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