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The Government Of Indira Gandhi: The Strengths And Weaknesses (Essay Sample)


The Government of Indira Gandhi and the accomplishment made.


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The Government of Indira Gandhi
Question 2. Discuss the government of Indira Gandhi, the strengths and weaknesses.
Indira Gandhi was an Indian political and a central figure in the national congress. She was the only daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru who was an Indian prime minister (Gandhi et al. 12-15). She rose to the position of a prime minister in 1966 after getting strong support from the agriculturally based communities because of her food production policies and succeeding in the Pakistani war. The victory in the war saw the creation of Bangladeshi in early 1971 (Frank 43-45). A profound analysis of her policies during her reign reveals a number of strengths and weaknesses.
One of the biggest strengths was her ability to effectively connect with the common people especially the grass-root workers of the party. She also had a great passion for ensuring that the national security was guaranteed. The Indian army successfully crushed the West Bengals’ communist militants through the declaration of the state of emergency. Gandhi underscored the importance of the north-eastern regions and suppressed any revolts like the Mizo uprising that was overrun by the Indian army (Goswami 579-582). Indira Gandhi also pushed for social reforms with the central agenda of guaranteeing equal pay for both men and women. The idea of equal pay came into being under her administration, and she continued to push for the equal rights of all citizens, arguing that inequality was behind the revenue deficit that the government was incurring (Goswami 581). Her ideas seem to be one of the earliest by prime ministers in the push for feminism. Gandhi believed that if women were given the opportunity to develop, they would be financially independent and contribute pos

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