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Division Between Political And Religious Authority In Sunni Islam (Essay Sample)


the task involved division in politics and religion among the Islam community. the paper involved various traditions that influence the Islamic religion and the political structure at large.

Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Division between political and religious authority in Sunni Islam The Islam community has two denominations, the Sunni Islam and the Shia Islam hence according to scholars, Sunni Islam is the most extensive denomination in the whole world. In this regard, the denomination occupies close to ninety percent of the Muslim society (Moore 229). It is in books that religious authorities in the Islam communities are poorly organized because of the many confusing terms that act as their leaders in the villages. One of the major divisions between political and religious authorities in Sunni Islam communities is the legitimacy of the religious authorities. Most religious leaders are illegitimate but honored among Muslims at large. In current events, religious bodies function in a regional perspective while political powers operate in a national view. The above narrative has created the essence in which there is a debate of separating the mosque and the state in the contemporary world. The evolution in this context is that state affairs should not conduct its activities at the mosque. Many terms such as Imam, Sheikh, and Caliph confuse the entire denomination on who is the ultimate leader. All the above are prophets who oversee the administration of a community in a scripted traditional practices depicted in the Quran (Siddiqui 341). They are the heirs of Muhammad at large who are also religious leaders in the society. The spiritual coherence is critical in such a way that it leads to political conflict since they still want to be leaders in the political scene hence creating a division between political and religious authorities. Political authorities come to reside religious authorities in the case of the removal of President Morsi by Shaykh Al-Azhar in the Muslim community. It led to clashes between the state and the religious authorities who...
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