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Jacob's Case On Abolition Of Slavery: Unfortunate Term In Human Race (Essay Sample)



Name: Professor: Course: Date: Topic: Jacobs' Case for Abolition of Slavery. Slavery is an unfortunate term in human race. Slavery was a mental construct of superiority. Some races deemed themselves more superior and powerful based on their skin pigment. With this in mind we have to remember that the highest affected racial community in this whole slave narrative were Africans commonly refereed to as blacks. Whites looked down upon Blacks as inferior creature slightly above other brutes but they were not good at all in matters civilization and thinking. Slavery was woven under the pretext that Africans were born slaves since creation. African's black pigment was a sign of bad and evil things, black skin is as a result of punishment from the supreme being after the punishment he gave to cain after killing his brother Abel. Jacob approached her discussion on abolition of slavery campaign from a three pronged premise namely: it came as away of creating humanitarian feelings and sympathy of the whites to put to an end capturing (Baker234) and transporting Africans into America and other parts of Europe as beasts of burden, confronting women on the slave narrative specifically on gender violence, exploitation, parenting and sexual abuse. Lastly she took a religious paradigm that heavily borrowed from sacred biblical writings. Jacob decided to deal directly with educated women who were not in danger of slavery. She highlights the negative consequences of slavery especially among women ranging from sexual abuse and how it feels like being exposed. She new these women well understood the effects of exposure and powerlessness. Every woman whether slave or not have this powerful drive and cognition to the very vital calling to motherhood. This connection is inherent in all women. Mention about motherhood to any woman and she will give you attention. Evoke emotions about sexual assault and any women will put herself in the shoe of the victim. Racists approach to slavery was cruel and more dehumanizing than the religious approach. Jacob narrates a story of a slave girl called Linda who constantly suffered from sexual harassment from her boss. The man wanted a sexual affair with her. She refused to concede to the affair as a result she decided to fall for another white man who was a neighbour to her master. It was a desperate eandevour to get protection. She gives birth to two babies who were by law also slaves despite the fact that they were mixed race. The point Jacob is bringing out is clear slavery was created and was hinged on the fact that anyone either born or black parents or one of the parents was black was to be sold too as a slave. From the foregoing story it was evident that racists did not appreciate the virtue that people should be given a right to chose who their spouses, who to mary and stop sexual violence. She urged women to stand against any form of sexual violence and taking away the innocence of young girls barely 15 years of age. It was a common trend during slavery that a master could abuse a slave girls innocence at their will. Slave girls were at the mercy of their maters. More and more girls were abused some got pregnant, as a result the mother and her young child could be sold very far so that the curse of incest does not follow the group. Women had to stand up against such injustices. The only hope and dignity of parenting and motherhood was pegged on them who were free to fight for the slaves. Supreme racists did not believe in equality; for them Africans were inferior, however, slavery abolitionists especially Jacob believed in the concept of unity of the human race. Philosophers including Hume and atheists developed a dangerous philosophy of inequality. Such, radical ideas had to be countered with theories that influenced and deconstructed human mind that all human beings have equal capacity both in mind and body. Human beings on the face of earth had equal inherent rights and freedoms. How do we get these fundamental rights? They are God given. Slave traders knew at the back of their minds that Africans were European property to be acquired and disposed at any time. They forgot to remember that no one on the face of earth has got that absolutely right to deny any one rights, freedom to chose where to live, what to do and whom to associate with (Andrews 167). At the same time no human being has absolute right to sell themselves or give away themselves into servitude. Religious slave proponents argued that slaves should not be loved but be used to create wealth, punished when they error and such notions were very clear in their midsts. On the flip side the Bible talks about loving our neighbours as we love ourselves. Even it goes further to tell us us that our love should not just stop at our neighbours but also our enemies too. Now, the question we should answer is, are we really christians if we treat other human beings without love rather with disdain and punishment? Wellness, happiness, societal growth and peace which are the virtues that christian faith emphasizes lacked meaning and essence in an environment of slavery. Religion teaches about acts of mercy and charity, that any religious believer should subscribe to. Now its a contradiction to own and have slaves; where slavery exists the above mentioned ceases to be. Slavery is associated with brutality, abuse, misuse, exploitation, punishment, and suffering. You can not be preaching mercy and at the same time engaging your own person into cruel acts of slavery. Jacob postulates that for religious outfits to claim that they are truly Christians then the starting point was to outlaw slavery from their background. Thousands upon thousands of slaves were being transported on British ships from African Countries to Europe. For a long time this trend kept growing until the Anglican church looked through the plight of slaves. Hygiene and health conditions were demeaning (McKittrick 13). Slaves were tattooed with a hot iron on the chest for identification, these among other humiliating factors caused the Anglican church to stand up and say; enough is enough! Around the 18th century a passionate campaign to end slavery was rolled out pitying slavery abolitionists against slavery apologists. Biblical references points to some verses that slightly accepts slavery. Both from the new and the old testament. In the Old Testament setting and specifically the jewish culture, nobles were allowed to own slaves, Abraham had slaves, Isaac, Jacob and so on and so forth. In the New testament Jesus refers to a story of the owner of the vineyard who send his slaves to go and tend it. Advocates of slavery in the religious circles premised their arguments on this. However, Jacob referred to the Old Testament writing that outlaws stealing and selling of human beings....
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