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An Effort To End Racial Discrimination: The Civil Rights Movement (Essay Sample)


This assignment was about the civil rights movement in the united states. i was to describe their impact and commend on what the leaders of these movements would do if they were alive today.

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Civil Rights Movement The Civil Rights Movement emerged in the United States from the 1950s to 1960s. This movement remains crucial to the history of the Afro-American. Until the Second World War, the people of color were oppressed and mistreated by their fellow countrymen of the white race. Economic and social inequalities were central issues that led to the Civil Rights Movement. During and after the WW2, black people occupied the bottom economic ladder. The WW2 saw many African Americans take arms to defend their country. However, on coming back from the war, their status did not change. People of color did not access good jobs, in spite of them having fought for their country. White people did not integrate them in the political arena because black was a symbol of inferiority. This oppression made civil rights leaders call for civil disobedience to bridge the inequality gap. According to Morris, Jim Crow laws also caused the rise of the Civil Rights Movement (518). These social laws segregated African Americans. People of color were not allowed access to social amenities such as schools, toilets, and hospitals meant for white people.They were also secluded in sharing public transport meant for white society. African Americans realized that it was a time to assert their rights through the Civil Rights Movement. The movement helped abolish segregation and racial laws. The impact of the movement is evident in current America. Barack Obama’s election as the first president of color was a significant leap in the fight for equality. Both white and black people alike voted for him. Today, African Americans have equal opportunity to vote and vie for political offices. Employment is also on merit instead of race. This has seen many black people occupy high offices. Moreover,white and black people are working together to address common challenges. In 2014, white people joined the people of color in “The B...
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