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Tennessee History Analytical Assignment Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


The Cherokee culture in Tennessee

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Tennessee history analytical assignment
The Cherokee culture has thrived for a long time in history, particularly in the Southeastern parts of the United States of America long before the coming of the European people in the nation. Upon the arrival of the colonialist from Europe, the Cherokee people and other Indian tribes in the country willingly offered help to them. They provided them with food as well as other supplies which led to the development of a sound coexistence with the locals. The Cherokee was also responsible for teaching the first settlers hunting, and gathering, fishing, as well as crop cultivation in their surroundings (Vicki, 2017). They also introduced to the settlers crops such as corn, potatoes, as well as squash which were considered very helpful health wise thus ideal for consumption. They also taught them various ways such as the use of herbal substances to cure their health conditions. Thus, they can be said to have been collaborative to the coming of the settler into their nation.
In 1820, a large number of the Cherokee people had adopted most of the cultural values of the white settlers, which implies that they did not primarily adopt the benefits derived from the American people in the country. The European people also introduced new crops to these communities while trying to impress them because most of the Cherokee people were farmers hence they highly benefited from the coming of the foreigners into America. From the articles, it has been noted that some of the Cherokee farms had grown into small plantations with labor being provided by the slaves. They also developed gristmills, sawmills, and other business to provide a ready market for their products a trait that they had emulated from the European people who were currently settling into the nation. The group is also known to have encouraged the settlers to create an academic organization which would be used in educating the kids from the Cherokee society in learning the English Language (Vicki, 2017).
The settlers utilized the characters representing syllables created by Sequoyah, who was from the Cherokee to educate them. Among the very many alterations that made it easier for them to relate with the Europeans, the Cherokee people worked very hard to preserve their cultural identity operating on the basis of harmony consensus as well as the community with no lover for hierarchy as well as personal glory. However, it can also be argued that the Cherokee had taken in some cultural values from the normal American society such that used by the slave workers to providing cheap labor in the plantations. Thus, the culture could have grown out of the need to make more products by using the cheap labor that was being obtained from the use of slaves in the firms (Vicki, 2017). They also were exploiting the poor in the society for their benefits which is one of the characteristics that shaped the American community in the South at that particular time. The involvement of the Cherokee people in slavery and slave trade was enhanced with the coming of the European settlers who introduced to the new crops, animals, as well as techniques. This promised better returns but only if they took sufficient time to exploit the manpower that they were getting from the slaves. Thus, it cannot be argued that they entirely adopted the use of slaves in the plantations from the colonial settlers, but they only took it from the Americans who were residing in the nation long before the coming of the settlers in the country.
The cultural destiny of the Cherokee people was determined by two leaders who decided to join hands and support Andrew Jackson in waging war against the division of the Creek world which turned out to be the Creek War that started in 1813 and lasted for one year. From the war, it is apparent that the Cherokee had a lot in common with the Americans, but they did not gain the traditions from the Whites in the nation. For instance, the Creek War reveals that both parties employed what they had acquired from the White Settlers to become the slave's holders as well as wealthy groups in the nation. They all originated from the Anglo Americans who had moved into the Indian region mainly for trade purposes, but the interactions resulted in the intermarrying with the Indians. Both groups were focused severely on fulfilling the welfare of the Cherokee people in various parts of the country. For instance, Major Ridge and John Ross both agreed on a better vision of a better Cherokee society that could retain its separate culture and traditions, but still be able to run their activities efficiently with the white neighbors in the USA.
They also had great insights on the need for equality for every race in the nation. This can be seen in the way they pushed a bill in 1825 that was designed to make sure that they are equally treated in the country by their White masters on self-government (Vicki, 2017). However, this constitution tries to show that the Cherokee people had great tendency to borrow what their superiors the American whites were doing as seen in the way they acquired a lot of things as they constituted a constitution to help them realize fair treatment in the country. It is the same constitution that was adopted by the Cherokee National Council, which enabled them to revolve against the white settlers who were found to have discriminative behaviors in the country. All the groups, the Cherokee, and the Americans were eloquent speakers which helped them to give their stand against the settlers and the racially biased federal government that worked tirelessly to relocate them to the Western parts of the nation. The Cherokee leaders such as John Ross appealed to the altruism of the national Congress to be just and offer protection to the rights, freedom, as well as lives of the Cherokee communities. They argued that they had the most significant obligations that were imposed on them by the agreements and they expected it from the memorable declaration that was made stating all people are equal.
It must be noted that not all leaders of the tribe nor its members approved of how the community had tried to take in some of the cultural practices taken by the Whites in the nation. This is the main re...
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