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Goals Achieved By The French Revolution History Assignment (Essay Sample)



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The French Revolution or Revolution of 1789 was a movement that shook France between the years 1789and 1799. The French revolution was born to fight for social injustices, economic oppression factors (Rothenburg). The climax of the regime occurred in the year 1789, leading to rising of the name Revolution of 1789. The revolutionists also aimed to bring an end to the aristocracy in France. They had a slogan “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” which when translated means ‘Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.’ The revolution has been widely regarded as the turning point in the history of not only France but also the whole of Europe. The success of the revolution was moderate, but the impacts were huge. The revolution meant to obtain more significant power from the third estate, and to limit the power of the upper class and also to ensure that the social status of the third estate was raised if not abolished. The revolution had a significant impact on the French monarch and also globally. French revolution for that matter achieved it goals
Goals achieved by the French revolution.
The French revolution was both a social event and a significant political move. Lives of the French people changed drastically. The end of the monarch came on September 21st, 1972. This was also the day in which the legislative assembly voted to abolish the monarchy. The kings reign was ended by the adoption of divine right. Mass executions of more than 1400 people who were viewed as the enemies of the republic were done, including King Louis and his wife. The famous slogan ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ called for freedom and equal treatment of every person. It also meant that sovereignty rested with the people. Adoption of political parties in the state came later. Power hungry parties like Jacobins, Cordeliers and Girondin Fauvillants sprung up. These parties also helped to keep the governing body upright by acting as whistleblowers and critics. The fall of French monarchy also led to an end of monarchies in other regions like the Russians. The North Americans employed the revolutions’ ideas; this influenced their declaration of independence.
Another primary outcome that signified the success of the French revolution was Declaration of the rights of Man. This meant that French people possess fundamental rights and the freedom to certain things. The revolutions attempt to give slaves more freedom was thwarted by aristocrats (FRANCE). This did not hold for long since the slavery was abolished in all French colonies. No citizen was to be subjected to oppression anymore due to their level of life. Security of every French citizen was assured and without discrimination. Prior to the revolution the position of women in the society was too low. Women were considered of little intellect by the males. Men felt that women did not have what it takes to take part in any political agenda. They were even regarded as properties of their husbands. The French revolution acted as the platform on which the role of women was tabled (FRANCE).
The French revolution was a war of social classes. There was no rise in class before; this meant if one was born a peasant he or she was to die a peasant and the same applied to the nobles. To abolish this they had gain power and to remove any barriers that prevented it from happening, they, therefore, championed for equality and abolishment of classes. The military led by Napoleon gained more status in the society with some, even earning the noble status. Properties were distributed and split up over the regions (Plack). The Catholic Church was also not left behind, and they faced denial for the very first time. The clergy failed to agree with the revolutions ideas, and this led to the church being persecuted. Though the church later regained its status, it was not allowed to have any power over political affairs. Discrimination by social status was curbed. The bourgeoisie now had power and feudalism had been abolished.
New reforms on ...
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