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Presidency of Richard Nixon Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


The '60s and '70s were a tumultuous period, politically speaking. Choose one president - Nixon, Ford, or Carter - and highlight an event that they are associated with in a negative manner. Please write about Nixon. MUST USE A REPUTABLE SOURCE and provide a link to look it up.

Presidency of Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon’s presidency began in the year 1969 after his inauguration. Nixon’s presidency win is one of the biggest landslide victories to have been experienced in the history of United States presidential elections. However much Nixon had a sounding triumph, he was forced to resign in shame in one of the nastiest political scandals to have been experienced in American history. The scandal started when Nixon was seeking re-appointment in 1972. Nixon’s operatives that were linked with his campaigns forcefully entered into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at a Watergate complex based in Washington, D.C.
Some associates of Nixon’s administration knew of the break-in, but Nixon repudiated knowledge of their participation. The scandal, however, got worse as there were White House tapes which had recorded the exchanges and revealed Nixon’s participation in covering up the criminal activities related to the scandal. The recording system had been installed by Nixon himself and had recorded all the transactions in the Oval Office. Nixon was then under the threat of an impeachment from the Congress and therefore decided to reassign from office in the year 1974, and Vice President Gerald Ford took office. A month later, Ford pardoned Nixon for the misconduct. Many government officials were later condemned of the wrongdoings associated with the Watergate concern.
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