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Ancient Egyptian Civilization (Essay Sample)


explain the major factors behind the rise and decline of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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May 1, 2013
Major factors behind the rise and decline of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization
Ancient Egypt can be described as an ancient civilization that occurred in the northeastern part of Africa and was mainly concentrated on the lower part of river Nile which in this modern day is referred to as Egypt. The civilization is believed to have occurred in 3150 BC (Duiker & Jackson77). There are three factors that contributed to the rise of the ancient Egyptian civilization; technology, trade, agriculture and hieroglyphics.
Ancient Egypt was very advanced when it come to the section of technology. They had high standards of productivity in the technology, mathematics and medicine. Technological advancement is evident when they were able to develop a glassy material that was referred to as faience which during that time was an artifact (Bongo 124). When it come to the health sector, due to the fact that the Egyptians lived near river Nile, they would contact diseases such as malaria and therefore they had knowledge on the healthy foods that should be eaten so as to improve the immunity of the body. The Egyptians had developed their own mathematical formulas and alphabets and it was from their calculations that they could know when the climate is changing and also from this knowledge they were able to create their own calendar. All this was referred to as hieroglyphics (Bongo 128).
It is from their agricultural methods that their civilization rose. This is supported by the fact that the Egyptians used irrigation which is a technological advancement to do farming. They used irrigation as there was almost no rain in Egypt and therefore they adopted use of dikes and cannels in their irrigation (Duiker & Jackson102). They also participated in trade where they traded with different people. This trade improved their civilization as they could sell their ideas and products to different people from different places. The political systems of this civilization were very advanced. The land was ruled by Kings through a bureaucratic administration.
The rise of this civilization was not expected to last forever. The civilization had to fall in some point even though it had established itself and protected itself. The civilization started falling when the several successors of the Pharaoh who was the leader of the Egyptians lacked the leadership qualities (Bunson 201). After this, Egypt entered a section where the central power of the government eventually decreased. The government started to be divided with instances of where some leaders become independent rulers within the same territory. When the government system crumbled, come a prolonged drought which resulted to increase in agriculture and hence as a result high population in Egypt was experienced. The trade networks become vastly expanded throughout the sub-Saharan desert.
The lack of good leader...
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