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A Good Man Is Hard to Find Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


The topic is to choose two of these articles on the story "A Good Man is Hard to Find" to write an essay in which you argue your interpretation of the story. You may support one of the critics you've read -- O'Connor, herself; Stephens; Bandy; or Desmond -- then argue how your interpretation differs from another critic's interpretation. For instance, say your own interpretation of the story closely follows Martha Stephens' article, "From The Question of Flannery O'Connor." Write your essay using the points Stephens' makes in her essay, using paraphrases and quotations from Stephens along with your own words. Then argue that another critic's point-of-view is wrong; for example, write that you don't agree with O'Connor's own interpretation, once again using paraphrases and quotations from O'Connor's own article on her story.
This essay should be 4 pages long with a Works Cited page citing the story and the two articles that you discuss.
Times New Roman 12
Double Spaced
MLA Format
Attaching a checklist for you to follow.

A Good Man Is Hard to Find
"A good man is hard to find "is a brief story which is written by Flannery O'Connor in 1953. The story is done in the form of some short stories with a similar name. Most of the scholars who interpret the work mostly focus on controversial end scene. The paper describes two articles in the story where the interpretation of the story is made.
The first article that I am going to analyze is the one done by Martha Stephen. The writer claims that the novel is a satirical household comedy and ends in a brutal revelation because the grandmother takes her exasperated home on a wild goose chase in interior Georgia. The grandmother was looking for the location where her girlhood was, and in the process, she took her whole family to the graves in the hands of Misfit who was a killer (Bausch& Richard). Despite the killer being that bad, the grandmother forgives him before she also rests in the grave. When you go through the writing for the first time, you may think that it is just one of the many stories with social satire which covers just the regular violence causing some hard situations and later theology is seen at the end. However, this story is quite dark where the central theme is the actions of grace in a place held entirely by the devil.
The glorification of the past is predominant in this story through the character of The Grandmother, who communicates sentimentality for the way things used to be in the South. Her error about the "old ranch that she had gone by in this area once when she was a young woman" prompts the downfall of the entire family when they get in a fender bender while driving down the soil carport. Before she understands that the manor is really not in Georgia but rather in Tennessee, she recalls "the circumstances when there were no cleared streets and thirty miles was a day's excursion," envisioning the excellent scene she trusts they will soon discover.
We learn that if people had the reliable information, they would not look at so poorly. That was a statement said by Misfit to the grandmother (Attrill et al., 2015). The statement does not mean that if the grandmother were taken through experiences that looked like death, she would become a real woman, but he is saying it could take anybody trying to shoot her all time of her life. In short, the conversations do not stick to the people and therefore have to be reminded over and over again. Therefore, according to Martha Stephens O'Connor's image about humanity in the narratives is that almost everyone is in need of more time, but we always cherish the moments when the other people are attempting to show us that they are better.
I totally disagree with O’Connor own interpretation. From the title of the story, which is "a good man is hard to find" resembles the Red Sammy dialogue with the grandmother. A continuing theme in the writing which is mistrust is well seen in the talk between the two. She says that "it isn't a soul in this green world of God's that you can trust" this belief is opposite the Christian faith that she has, but at the end of it all, her faith leads to the achievement of Grace (Driskell et al., 2015). I will give the theme of Grace to both the grandmother and Misfit, but the character does not deserve either of them.
The grandmother started to plead Misfit to pray to Jesus for him to help him before he killed her. The grandma called him a son of his and told him that he was capable of being saved by the power of God. As much as Misfit murdered the grandmother, we still find an element of Grace when at the end of the story he says "It's no real pleasure in life" and earlier in the narrative, he stated that the only pleasure in life was meanness.
The qualities and ethics that individuals have make up their character. Moral codes are just an arrangement of convictions that a culture accepts to be correct. The Grandmother believes that qualities depend on what you look like and where you originated from. Regardless of considering herself a woman, she controls and swindles those nearest to her. In spite of the fact that the Grandmother sets herself to an elevated requirement, she needs empathy and mindfulness. The Misfit's ethical code, albeit curved, is solid and predictable, enabling him to carry on with his life by it. He is consistent with himself and does not lie about his identity, dissimilar to the Grandmother. A decent man is truly elusive in this story. At the point when Red Sam recounts the Grandmother the tale about him getting cheated for the gas, she calls him a decent man. She then tries to tell the Misfit he is a decent man since she trusts he would not shoot a woman. What she neglects to acknowledge is that she is not calling individuals great since they are moral, but rather in light of the fact that their qualities are the same as hers. The main great man to be appeared all through the story is the Misfit, in light of the fact that despite the fact that he has a wound and debased good code, he is the special case that adheres to his standards.
The praising of the past is mostly used in the story well shown by the behavior of the Grandmother who shows nostalgia for the manner in which things expressed themselves in the south. The mistake she did on the “old plantation that she had visited in this neighborhood one when she was a young lady” (Nadal &Marita 225). Result in the death of the entire ...
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