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How Hispanics In The United States Of America Are Discriminated (Essay Sample)


The task is about how Hispanics in u.s are discriminated


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Hispanic Discrimination in the United States
Hispanic discrimination is the kind of bias and unfair treatment that descents of people from the Latin America and Spain are predisposed to merely because of their races or ethnicity in the United States. Approximately six-in-ten Hispanics (62%) talk about racial inequality often in their conversations (Reimers 572). Notably, more than half of the Hispanic people in the United States have endured discrimination as per the recent 2016 Research Centre Survey. Arguably, it is an issue rooted from fears by White America that such small communities have the capability of dominating and taking over their economy and political command. Interestingly, the elephant in the room has attracted hot debates and media has predisposed the matter in recent years aiming at the creation of awareness (Reimers 575). Critically analyzed evidence has proved that discrimination is a generational predicament that consistently disadvantaging the Hispanic and requires prompt intervention and action.
Firstly, the Hispanic Americans undergo discrimination due to the assumption that they have illegally migrated into the United States. This is because a significant proportion of Hispanics are illegal migrants about 11 million (Ramirez 577). Despite the fact that the biggest percentage of Hispanic have legal residency in the United States the reality of illegal migrants haunts most if not all the Hispanic people. It is for this reason they are stigmatized and barely esteemed. For example in terms of ideas' sharing and wage employment, the Hispanics never get credit and stagnate in their lives. Most of the white Americans fail to recognize the potential of the Hispanic Americans because of discriminating them. For instance, when it comes to employment, the white Americans are given first priority while the rest of the populations are hardly recognized.
The second key root of Hispanic discrimination is the language barrier of the Hispanic Americans. Some Hispanics are only conversant with their native language which has posed a threat to the White Americans, as they fear that the English native language may eventually get wiped out. Additionally, to counteract this, the White Americans have come up with policies that will ensure that all residents in the United States learn English. This reason has necessitated the Hispanics to adopt the English learning system where they will pick up and absorb the English language (Ortiz, Vilma, and Edward 47). This factor has enhanced discrimination in the United States whereby the native White American feels the pressure to formulate policies that keep them in domination.
The most common form of Hispanic discrimination in US includes education discrimination, housing discrimination, healthcare inequalities, and many others. Education discrimination is evident whereby the Hispanics have lower education levels going by the

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