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The History And Events Of The Holocaust Research (Essay Sample)


the history and events of The Holocaust


The Holocaust
The debate about the uniqueness of the attempts by the Nazis and their affiliates to eradicate the European Jewry has been around for many years. Mass atrocities, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocides and Holocaust are some of the popular terms that are frequently mentioned at the hearts of these discussions. Many historians, depending on their racial inclination, have advanced vast arguments in literature as to which historical mass killing recorded was the worst ever. By far, most people seems to agree that Hitler's final solution to Jewish problem in Germany stands out as the worst animosity against humanity ever document, perhaps because of the wide attention it received internationally. It should however be noted that there are several other genocides whose perpetration bears close semblance to infamous Holocaust and should not just be relegated to a list of ‘other' mass atrocities.
It should be noted that before Hitler's ‘final solution', the Jewish community, as a result of their self-proclaimed religious domination had attracted several enemies including Christians and Romans- who though not a religious group, were willing to play them against one other their selfish supremacy ambitions. The Jews who primarily practiced Judaism were persecuted utterly by their Christian counterparts for their religious beliefs and forced to flee to other regions including Europe. This scenario is not far from the massacre of the Armenian Christians by the Turks in medieval Ottoman Empire between the years 1905 and 1916. The Muslim Turks slaughtered, the Christians and the Greeks with an intention of emptying the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Empire of its Christian population.
The event that constituted the Holocaust is directly associated with the German Nazis and Hitler's collaborators. Adolf Hitler was determined to rid Germany and its colon

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