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General Information About The Us Policy Against Cuba


general information about the US policy against Cuba

General information about the united state policy against Cuba
The United States policy (economic sanctions) imposed on Cuba are exceptional in analysis of their prolonged existence and of their complexity however, they are steady with the actual objectives or actions of the 1st world power. For this to be explained and understood critically, it is essential to base this study on the following: the history behind the policy, impact of the policy against Cuba, effects of the policy on the united states, and uplift of the policy against Cuba and its effects on the normalization of the relationship between US and Cuba
The US. Policy against Cuba is a financial, economic, and commercial. This policy was 1st imposed or enacted by the United States against Cuba on 19th October 1960. They placed a ban advisory on exports to Cuba excluding food and medicine. The main reason for the policy being that Cuba had nationalized American- owned Cuban oil refineries without having benefits. Cuba had municipalized the refineries because of the decision of Eisenhower to end imports of 700,000 tons of sugar from Cuba to the United States and prohibited export of oil to the island thus, leaving behind Unites State to rely depend on crude oil from the Russian. At present the Cuban advisory restriction is enforced generally through six acts or policies: trade with the rival or enemy act of 1917, foreign assistant act of 1961, Cuban asset...
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