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The Industrial Revolution (Essay Sample)


The treatment of women during the industrial revolution

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The Industrial Revolution between the year 1835 and 1848 brought so many changes in the lives of women in America in different ways. There were both positive and negative contributions that were brought with effect of the changes that were brought by these revolutions. The factories valued girls who were working in these factories as low as possible amongst the women populations who were working there. These girls were discriminated in payments and their dress code was highly demeaned to an extent that they looked like old women. They were given bad names on top of their original ones so as to discriminate them in the factory. The rules that were formulated this time allowed husbands to claim their wives wherever they found them and they could always snatch the women of their wages. There were instances where a widow could be snatched all the husbands’ belongings; fathers could distribute their wealth to all their children disregarding their daughters, women had no property rights. (Stearns and Walkowitz. 57)
Also in some cases they had their rights upheld and they could be paid their wages whenever they worked for overtime and also they were not overworked if payments were not necessary. Women in some instances were guaranteed better life in the factories and there were no unjust laws. The mill girls who had their own homes were allowed moderate time to work and also the opportunity to teach in some schools during summer months. Some widows got the opportunity to be housed in corporation houses where the girls were also kept. More so, these girls were given the opportunity to read the novels and the bibles and some other good books that could appeal to them. They participated in critical writings and this was the only avenue they could voice their grievances. Many girls were put in a situation that only enabled them to extend their he...
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