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Isaac Newton: The Greatness of the Scientific Feat (Essay Sample)


About Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton: The Greatness of the Scientific Feat
Isaac Newton is an outstanding English scientist, creator of the classical physics, who laid the foundations of the modern science. Newton formulated the fundamental laws of the classical mechanics, discovered the law of gravity, light dispersion, developed the corpuscular theory of light and differential and integral calculus. The scientist took into consideration the results of the millennial search of scientists from different countries and he has completed the formation of the mathematical analysis as one of the most important branches of mathematics. These discoveries have opened up tremendous opportunities for the application of mathematics in the theoretical studies and practical tasks. Einstein said, “The figure of Newton was staged at the turning point of the intellectual development of mankind.” (Newton 21). Newton is one of the most influential personalities in the history of humanity.
Isaac Newton was born in the family of a poor farmer in Woolsthorpe in 1642. As a kid, he was fond of poetry and painting, as well as Newton invented the windmill, water clocks, and pedal cart. According to the memoirs of Jean-Baptiste Biot, as a child, Newton thoroughly studied mathematics, and he solved relatively complex mathematical tasks (Westfall 63). Newton studied at Trinity College, Cambridge University, where he headed the Department of Mathematics and Physics for thirty-two years. In particular, Isaac Newton was a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University in 1669. Newton made the first significant discovery in the field of mathematics, working at the University.
As a student, Newton made the first mathematical discoveries such as the classification of algebraic curves of the third order and the binomial expansion of an arbitrary. He used ranks for the calculation of tables, solution of equations and investigated the behavior of functions. Newton has obtained an expansion for all standard functions at that time. Newton made a tremendous contribution to the development of differential and integral calculus almost simultaneously with the German mathematician Leibniz. The scientist created a fundamental work "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" in 1687, summarizing the results of the studies in mechanics (Newton 24). He highlighted the primary concepts and axioms of classical mechanics, in particular, the concept of mass, amount of movement, force, acceleration, centripetal force and three laws of motion. The physical and mathematical level of the discoveries was incommensurable with the work of Newton's predecessors. Achievements of the scientist in the physics would be impossible without the simultaneous development of mathematical methods. Newton was one of the founders of the differential and integral calculus. Newton described the principles of calculus in two works “The Quadrature of Curves” in 1704 and “The method of fluxions and infinite series” in 1736 (Newton 124). As a student, Newton realized that the differentiation and integration are the mutually inverse operations. On the other hand, Torricelli, Gregory, and Barrow have described the primary theory of the analysis; however, Newton substantiated the theorem as a powerful system with precise rules and huge opportunities. The scientist gave a solution to a variety of issues, such as finding the extrema of functions, inflection points, equations of tangents to the curves, calculating the lengths of curves, and he gave the methods of solution of the ordinary differential equations. In the “U...
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