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Pope Alexander VI(1492-1503) History Essay Research (Essay Sample)


The paper required the student to write about Pope Alexander VI(1492-1503)
the essay elaborated on the 5 noteworthy achievements of POPE ALEXANDER VI(1492-1503).


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Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503)
In the annals of papacy history, the name Alexander VI causes jitters and discomfort. The alpha male of the Catholic Church between 1492 and 1503 conducted a pontificate of nepotism, murder, ruthlessness, and greed and became a leading figure in the rigmarole of the Borgia family. The Pope was a perpetrator of evil and core facilitator of the events of his two most famous children, Lucrezia and Cesare. Without a doubt, Alexander’s religious convictions are unchallengeable, however, attempts to sanitize his private behaviors have proven abortive. Nevertheless, Pope Alexander made some significant contributions, both good and bad, during his tenure as the head of the Vatican.
As a champion of the arts, Alexander established a center for the University of Rome, restored the Castel Sant’ Angelo, constructed the edifice of the Apostolic Chancery, decorated the Vatican Palaces, and convinced the famous Renaissance sculptor, Michelangelo, to come up with new plans for the reconstructing of St. Peter’s Basilica. These substantial contributions beautified Rome. Again, Pope Alexander publicly declared the year 1500 as the Holy Year of Jubilee and officially authorized its celebration with great solemnity (Murphy 1). Also, Pope Alexander promoted the evangelization of the New World.

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