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Propaganda Model History Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


analysis of propaganda model and key player that facilitate the model


           Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky’s proposal of the propaganda model in their book Manufacturing Consent: The Political economy of mass media made the foundational elements of the study of propaganda. They though handed one main task to their readers that of reflecting on the role media plays in inflaming and spreading propaganda. Naturally, media serves as the main mode of communication to the general public. This role is though later poisoned by the men with power and wealth common in states and places where power is bureaucratic or single-handedly controls the media. These later forces the media to serve the needs of a particular group in society. Detecting actions of propaganda in these states is quite difficult and rare because of formal censorship. Once in a while media houses coordinate a series of attacks and exposes government entities and corporates misconducts to depict to the public that they are the emperors of free speech. A little hair in the soup that is evident but cannot be proven is how far these critiques go. 
           The propaganda model focuses mainly on how wealth and power influence media preferences and choices. How money and authority have been used to taint by secluding news that may be of high importance to the public and introducing messages that inevitably referees in favor of the dominating government or corporate entity. The brick and mortar of the model fall in either advertisement being the main source of income of social media houses, how governments and large business entities rely on and approve of the media house sources, the disciplinary aspect of media. anticommunism being the control mechanism, or size and profit orientation of the dominant media firm. 
           Media propaganda plays a vital role in the day today's democratic society. In the eyes of the general public, media houses are viewed as being free of speech, operate independently without influence, and committed to truth and integrity. For this reason, society expects media houses to operate with absolute transparency and unbiased facts. Herman and Chomsky believe that these watchdogs that the public has entrusted as being their eyes and ears could and are compelled to manipulate what the public thinks about everything and that being fair is not their concern

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