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The Causes, and Impact of Civil War in the United States of America (Essay Sample)


Identify the causes, and impact of civil war in the united states of america.
Use at least three (3) quality resources as references for the assignment and document your sources using MLA Style for in-text citations and references. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.
Write clearly and coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.


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The Civil War
There seem to be many causes leading to civil war in America. Although slavery is regarded as the major cause, other economic, cultural, and political diversities between the south and north contributed to the war. The differences that created the division between South and North leading to civil war include the industry versus farming where in mid of the 1800s the northern states economies had shifted from farming and invented industry. Many northern people lived and worked in cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. The southern people maintained large farming as their economy having slaves as their laborers. Since North did not require slaves, south relied on slaves for the living.
Besides, another cause of the civil war was states rights where the states’ rights idea seemed not new towards a civil war (Doyle 20). Ever since constitutional writing, the arguments had existed, on the authority, the states can acquire, and the power required for a federal government. It to feel made southern state to think that federal had taken their powers and rights. Another cause being the expansion, United States proceeded in expanding westward where every new state that was added to a nation transferred the power amongst south and north (Freehling 14). The southern states started to fear of losing more power leading to the rights lose. Every new state was made the battleground between power sides.
The fourth cause was bleeding Kansas, where the slavery issue began in Kansas leading to the war (McKillen 26). The act of Kansas-Nebraska was passed in 1854 by the government thus permitting the Kansas residents to vote on a being a slave free state or become the slave state. The supporters filled the region from the two sides. In 1861, Kansas became the Free State union. Another cause was an election of Abraham Lincoln (Freehling 21). Lincoln being the member of the Republican party for new anti-slavery, he was elected without participating in ten states of southern. Due to that, southern states thought that he was against the south and slavery.
Secession was also regarded as the cause of civil war. During the election of Lincoln, the southern states residents decided not to be part of the United States. The residents felt they had the right of leaving. Having South Carolina, the other eleven states felt that they could leave the US and form the new nation known as Confederate America states. Lincoln said that there was no right of leaving the US. Thus he sent the troops to block South from departing (McKillen 60). It led to the beginning of civil war. In addition, slavery being the major cause of civil war, the south depended on slavery as the form of labor working in their fields. The northern people believed slavery to be evil and wrong where the northern people were known as abolitionists (Doyle 12). They pushed for the slavery to

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