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The Spread of Industrial Revolution after 1815 History Essay (Essay Sample)


You will write a two-page essay answering a specific question from the 18th Century until the late 20th Century. You need to examine the significant impact in history from a social, political, economic, or cultural standpoint. You must narrow your focus to a specific goal, impact, or problem of a given person or persons over the course of a few years.


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The Spread of Industrial Revolution after 1815
At the turn of the eighteenth century, most industries in Europe where relatively unsophisticated and generally small scale in nature. As the French revolution took its toll on the continent, Britain became the world’s richest economy owing to the eminent industrial revolution before 1815 (Hudson 243). Besides, Britain witnessed a substantial leap in industrial production during the period as coal and steam displaced wind and water as the most dominant sources of energy and power. The country witnessed a dramatic increase in the level of productivity with heavy mechanization of the production process (Engerman 451). Much as Britain enjoyed both power and plenty due to its precocious structural change to industrialization, the spread of the industrial revolution escalated after the end of the revolutionary Napoleonic wars; thus many European nations labored to match its per capita income growth rate through trade and strategic immigration.

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