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Article Summary History Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


The sample was all about writing a summary of an article whose link was provided as


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Article Summary
The article majors on a finance bill passed by the Senate, which majored on mandating the teacher raises and the cut of taxes (Swaby 1). The bill was approved by both the Senate and Texas house and was now aimed at heading to Gov. Greg Abbott so that he could finally sign it. The Gov. was really for the idea of the enactment of new reforms which were majored on the putting of more money in the classrooms, raising the pay of the teachers as well as cutting off the property taxes. The bill was passed by the legislature and HB 3. However, a concern was later ion raised by some lawmakers arguing that the state would not be in a position to finance the changes on a long term basis (Swaby 1).
Thus this resulted in the call for a sustainable path, which was to aid in the increment of the cost of this bill for the schools (Swaby 1). Based on the article, there appeared to be several instances in which the state had failed in funding the public schools. The latter thus resulted in the creation of school finance panels whose main aim was to come up with various recommendations which would be ideal in overhauling the entire system. Some of the recommendations were inclusive of funding the full day pre-K which was eligible for children who were above four years, 

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