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Understanding the Application of Bill of Rights (Essay Sample)


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While the 17th century saw the rise of more powerful monarchs across Europe, England was different. After the bloody English Civil War, England then struggled with successive leaders and monarchs until the Glorious Revolution in 1688 and the ascension of William and Mary. William could take the throne however, he was restricted in his powers by the English Bill of Rights download , one of the first such documents in history and building on the Magna Carta. Read this excerpt of the bill and answer the following in a paragraph for each: What accusations are made against James II? List three powers that are taken from the king. Who are they given to? What similarities can you see between this document and the United States Bill of Rights (Links to an external site.) that came a century later? Identify two.


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A declaration made by spiritual, temporal, and commons represented estates of the people who made several requirements. The late king James and his judges, evil councilors, and ministers subverted the religion, laws, and liberties of the kingdom. However, the representatives to free the nation made some considerations for their rights and liberty. The kingdom of James the second was involved in several accusations that the nation suffered or affected their rights as a nation.
Accusations made against James the second
The pretense of power to suspend laws by the legal authority without parliament participation was noted as a loophole of freedom. It also affected the execution of laws by the authority without the parliament's approval. James the second commissioned the erection of court commissioners, and other commissioners of that nature were pernicious and illegal. The levies taken for using the crown by pretense or prerogative without parliament approval were granted forbidden by law. Election of parliament members to be free from the kingdom's influence (Maer and Gay 2009).

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