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Computers And Areas Of The Internet Course That Was Enjoyed (Essay Sample)


identify the areas of this Internet course that you enjoyed the most and the ones that need to be improved. Also, write about what could be done to make the class function better. Your post should be no fewer than 300 words.
I have attached the class syllabus for review to better able to respond to the subject. The class went fine and had clear instructions. The teacher was on time with grades and responding to all messages sent inquiring about assignments. Add your person touch.

Areas of the Internet Course Enjoyed
The objective of this class is to develop ones critical thinking through reading, writing, and class interaction or discussion. In this essay we will look at the areas of the internet course that were enjoyed most when doing the class, the areas of the internet course that need to be improved and finally, what could be done to make the class function better.
Areas of the Internet course enjoyed the most
The areas of the internet course enjoyed most would have to be the one on wealth of information located within the student resources tab at the top of one’s computer. It also contains valuable information on a variety of topics, including student information, student contact, support, and BB resources. Furthermore, browsing the links and carefully reviewing this information as it will help you successfully interact with the black board and the class. The main reason the class is enjoyable is that one the information gained during the study helps one to interact with their class colleagues. It also contains valuable information about the student. The student conduct is able to be monitored and given support where necessary.
The other area of expertise that was interesting was the one on the link to the welcome letter. The syllabus, announcement, schedules, course information, faculty information, modules, message, and the grades are located under course menu at the left of an individual screen. Furthermore there is also a shortcut link to the discuss...
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