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Enterprise Resource Planning (Essay Sample)


THE TASK DESCRIBES THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF CLOUD COMPUTING IN ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING. The advantage and disadvantage of cloud computing are mentioned at the end of the rift paragraphs and described in the second and third paragraphs, using examples. The conclusion of this paper SUMMARIses the topic of the paper by recalling to the thesis statement


Organizations use Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) to manage day-to-day business activities. Cloud computing is a type of azure technology for enterprises to share, manage and store services via the internet (Jain and Sharma). In cloud technology, different services such as servers, applications, and storage are delivered to organizations through the internet. EPR applications and services rendered over the cloud are managed by the administrators of the cloud technology. The primary advantage of cloud computing is that it enhances data security. Its disadvantage is that customers have limited control over the services offered by the administrators.
Cloud computing offers variety of services and security features that guarantees the security of data stored and shared over the internet. The primary concern of every business is data security. Many forms of data security cracks and data breaches can compromise the branding position, revenue of the company, and customer loyalty. Features such as access to management via federated roles and granular permission can restrict access to sensitive data. This ensures that only authorized individuals can gain access to specific and sensitive organization software applications (Jain and Sharma). Cloud administrators also provide an authentication process by implementing baseline protection, encryption, and access control to enterprise platforms. Other advantages of cloud computing are that it has a lower maintenance cost, ensures improves collaboration between organizations, and lastly, provides data backup and restoration.

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