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Information Technology Skills That Employers Need in 2017 (Essay Sample)


this essay needed me to search for A 2017 article from the internet and it had to be related to information technology (it). thereafter, i had to analyze, discuss and expound on the article. i extracted my information FROM COMPUTERWORLD.COM WHICH WAS WRITTEN IN FEBRUARY 2017 BY SHARON FLORENTINE. the article was about Information technology skills that employers need in 2017 and my essay was based on that.

Information Technology Skills That Employers Need in 2017
Over the years, technology has proven to be an elementary component of the society following the inventions that arise each day. Technological devices such as smartphones and computers have necessitated human day to day operations. Hospitals, banks, educational institutions, companies together with other businesses rely on these technological tools. To aid in the creation of an efficient system, applications that run on these electronic devices have to be invented. More so, the internet has become vulnerable as a result of cyber-attacks. With these problems at hand, employers in different companies will require highly skilled IT individuals who will aid in handling such issues. This essay will discuss Information technology skills that employers need in 2017, an article from which was written in February 2017 by Sharon Florentine.
Software developers are an integral part of the IT system as a majority of technological inventions rely on them. Individuals who have studied IT will be in high demand by employees as they will be handed the task of developing software programs and applications that aid in the efficient functioning of machines. For instance, computers aid in simplifying statistical data that is calculated by a company in a given year. The essential software program that is required to handle such a task is Excel and Mat lab among others. Employers will need expert IT individuals to come up with advanced forms of such software program with the aim of providing the efficiency in job delivery. IT savvy individuals who are better experience with QA, DBA and analytics will be in demand as such IT areas are necessary in the contemporary society (WEF Survey, 5). With the availability of expert software developers, business problems will easily be solved, the operational cost will be minimal, and a deeper understanding of how businesses operate will be achieved.
In the recent years, cyber-attack cases have been on the rise. The privacy of individuals, businesses, and nations has been intruded by hackers thus exposing their confidential information (Lloyd and Ian, 108). For instance, in October 2017, greater regions of Russia and Eastern Europe were hit by a wave of cyber-attacks. Hackers injected a ransom ware into essential organs of the two governments. The affected organs included media houses, airports, train flow schedules and governmental agencies among others. Cybercrime research agents investigated the matter but never came up with a clear report on the identification of the hackers. The Ukrainian police reported that the hacker wanted to gain access to the Russian and European governments with the aim of obtaining confidential data. Contrary to Ukrainian agents, European cybercrime researchers reported that the malware was closely linked to NotPetya hackers who wanted to promote an advertisement campaign. Cybercrime is a menace that dramatically affects the operations of many organs while posing a security threat to information and finance issues. IT experts who are highly skilled in blocking trackers from gaining access into private information together with tracking such crime agents are in high demand and will be needed by a majority of employers in the future days.
Internet connectivity has become a fundamental component of the society that more than 3 billion people across the globe depend on. It is an element that aids in sending and receiving massive amounts of information at a faster rate. This is achieved with the help of computers, tablets, smartphones, and broadcast media houses among others. To ensure that information is shared through such devices, the internet has to be installed. Network engineers are the individuals who will be in high demand in the future days as the demand for internet escalates (Florentine and Sharon, Slide 7). Digital businesses which majorly depend on the internet to aid in conducting trade will require such IT specialists to install fiber optic or wireless networks in their facilities. For instance, Amazon and eBay are online companies that rely on online marketing of their goods. This is realized with the aid of the network hence creating a platform to communicate with their customers. As online trade thrives, more and more similar companies will arise therefore, expert IT network engineers will be in high demand.
Data is the single most important element that aids in tracking the progress of any business or institution. Data comes in many forms including employee performance records, financial expenditures, and information files about businesses, records of assets and liabilities of businesses among others. A lot of companies become bankrupt and dissolved in the end as a result of poor data management. Compani...
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