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Problems Affecting Uber Technology: Smoothness Of The Application (Essay Sample)


Uber business model.

Computer science
Uber technology Inc. is a global transportation service that provides credible and accountable transport facilities to the pedestrians. The Uber Technology connects the individuals with potential driver within the location through the usage of a mobile application that is connected to the driver and the customer. The connection developed by the Uber mobile application is very vital as it creates a wide range of availability of drivers. The drivers who are online are in a position to respond to a customer call instantly and provide relative riding facilities to the customer. The headquarters of this company is in San Francisco and their services are operated in over 633 cities worldwide. The Uber Company operates in an environment where the trust for a stranger is very fundamental. The driver is strange to the customer as well as the customer is strange to the driver. The strangeness between the two creates security for both the driver and the pedestrian. Furthermore, the Uber technology improves the community security. This is evidenced because of the presence of numerous drivers on the road. The more the high number of online drivers, the higher the security of the community. Security is very vital in the Uber industry (Cramer and Krueger 178). The drivers are always scrutinized before allowed to join the company. Furthermore, there is a security panel that is set aside to safeguard the Uber mobile application in ensuring that no intruder accesses the program to input vulnerable software. In my discussion, I shall focus on the problems associated with Uber technology, the stakeholder, and suggestions to cub the Uber problems
Problems affecting Uber technology
Smoothness of the application
The performance of the uber-company will highly depend on the smoothness of working of the mobile application within the area. The response to an Uber call is associated with the availability of online drivers who are ready to accept the call of the customer. Furthermore, the working of the software will depend on the ability not to be hacked by the outsiders. The ability of the company to hire a talented engineer to coup with these issues becomes a great limitation for the company because of the high cost needed (Cramer and Krueger 181).
The problem of regulation
The next looming problem affecting the Uber is the legal regulation in some countries. Last year during a court decision concerning the working of the company, discussions were being raised concerning whether the company should be categorized a transport company or just a mere digital service (Bond 77). In case the company is valued as a digital service, it will face the problems associated with sticker licensing, insurance, and safety rules. These regulations will, in turn, raise the cost of its operation in Europe (Cramer and Krueger 179).
Fear for safety
One of the major criticism that other transport companies sue Uber technology with it the untrustworthiness of some of the Uber drivers. Several cases have been reported concerning some mischievous activities that are associated with the Uber drivers. For instance, in India, a woman was reported to have been raped by one of the drivers in San Francisco. These actions have deteriorated the trust that people have toward Uber Company and its technology.
The stakeholders in the Uber company include the people or the organization that is involved in ensuring the survival of the firm. These stakeholders include;
* The partner drivers
* Government and regulatory agencies
* The clients/passengers
* Traditional taxi operators
* The director or the company executives
Addressing the Uber problems
Focusing on goodwill marketing
The company should improve the trust that it has to the customers by proving its goodwill performance to the riders. It has shown its capability in reacting well in tricky situations, through the implementation of automated surge pricing. Furthermore, the company should provide a free ride to the customers during emergency states (Preston et al. 170).
Valuing the drivers as much as the riders
To eradicate the problems associated with untrustworthy drivers, the company ...
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