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Web Search While The Sample Is About The Definition Of Some Software (Essay Sample)


The task is about the Web Search while the sample is about the definition of some software

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Web Search
Question A
According to Damiani, if a program is open-source, the source of its code is freely accessible to its users and the users plus any other individual can take this source code, change it, as well as distribute their version of the program (23). The users can also have the knowledge of distributing as several copies of the main program as they need. Damiani states that anyone can utilize the program for any reason; there are no permitting expenses or any software restrictions (30). A good example of open source software is the Ubuntu Linux, where anybody can download Ubuntu and even make the same number of copies as they need.
Question B
According to Penston, a site license is utilized when buying software for the maintenance of one website with many users (17). The license signifies the use of purchased and rights-secured work used by numerous users in a single area. As indicated by Damiani, the users are granted authorization to access duplicate secured work, but only in that particular field (37). In addition, site licensing is more expensive than purchasing several copies, but it is less costly than buying a copy for each computer at the location. However, users have no right of taking copies of the digital media outside the locationindicated in the license.License holders have to observe the agreements of the said website’s license to secure themselves against liability.
Question C
As a teacher, I cannot allow the rest of my class to install my Adobe Creative Suites on their laptops. Being the primary user of my computer, I can only install another duplicate on another PC for my utilization, but the two installations cannot be utilized simultaneou...
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