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How will Technology Change Our Lives in Twenty Years? (Essay Sample)


How will Technology Change Our Lives in Twenty Years?

How will Technology Change Our Lives in Twenty Years?
The world has changed at an unprecedented pace impacting human lives in multiple ways.The advancement of disruptive technologies has led to extensive and fundamental transformations in education, economy, healthcare, which underpin the social well-being of people. Notable technological revolutions include the use of autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, robots, drones, and quantum computing that will shape the future of humans (Qureshi 4). Research indicates that the above technologies will impact how people live, think, and behave in the next two decades. This study examines how technology will change people’s lives in twenty years.
Technology will boost economic development through enhanced global connectedness. The emergence of autonomous vehicles (AVs), which operate on the ground, air, and sea presents a significant opportunity for economic prowess. Researchers estimate more than two million automotive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connections by 2040 (Qureshi 7). Such technological advancements will leverage development in sectors such as transport, tourism, trade, and employment. For example, Qureshi observes that the use of drones to deliver products marks a significant development, which bridges the gap between producers, manufacturers, and consumers (8). Also, as robotic technology becomes commonplace in production and distribution segments, the future of business remains brilliant (John 181).It is worth noting that the significant ramifications of increased connectedness include improved productivity and incomes, which imply enhanced living standards.
The wake of internet technology will revolutionize education and learning. The proliferation of massive open online courses (MOOCs) will transform education systems as more people subscribe and participate in virtual learning environments (Qureshi 13). In the next twenty years, traditional teaching methods will be irrelevant as learners use personal computers and tablets to access open courses on online bespoke platforms (Timmis and Patricia 458).Growing access to the internet throughout the world will ensure more students can participate in MOOCs, which offer free and open education (John 182). The MOOCs technology is already in use in the United States, as companies such as Cousera, Udacity, and FutureLearn spearhead it. Online learning platforms are likely to increase in the coming decades. Timmis and Patricia note that as more tech-savvy devices and many interactive online platforms evolve, the MOOCs will influence future education systems across the globe(460).
Technology will shape the future of healthcare. Research indicates that the use of paper medical records (PMR) contributes to medical errors that result in morbidity and mortality. The growth of electronic healthcare records (EHRs) and other technologies in medicine can improve healthcare outcomes and promote a healthy well-being of humans. Also, people will design technology-driven equipment to protect and rescue people during disasters, breakouts, and emergencies (Timmis and Patricia 468). For instance, a growing research on the application of graphene in healthcare is ongoing. The success of its applicability in designing and manufacturing ultra-light and resistant materials could replace the use of steel in making healthcare equipmen...
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