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Emerging Trends: The First Technology Of Changing Internet (Essay Sample)


This Paper Discusses The Emerging Trends In Technology And Their Impacts On The Daily Lives Of Organizations, People As Well As Careers .


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Emerging Trends
Question One
The first technology of changing internet is personal software-as- a –service (personal SaaS). According to Haag and Cummings, (259) this is “a delivery model for personal productivity software such as Microsoft Office in which one pays for personal productivity software on a pay-per-use basis instead of buying the software outright.” As the demand for technology increases users will want technology to be more personalized so that they can carry it everywhere, they go just like they carry their cell phones. However, this can only be achieved if SaaS is customized. Since users use some of the software seldom, the best alternative would be to rent them rather to buy them. Such a model would be economical to the users. Personal SaaS providers will provide their users with personal productivity software for use (Haag and Cummings, 259). However, this will be through monthly subscriptions or the pay per use scheme.
The other technology for changing internet is push technology. In this type of technology firms as well as businesses will come to consumers through technology with information, products, and services that are specifically designed based on one's profiles (Haag and Cummings, 260). This means that virtually all businesses will have to have the contacts as well as the essential information regarding their customers. For instance, a boutique shop will be required to have information such as the residence of their consumers, their height, waist size and favorite color among other things (Haag and Cummings, 259). With such information, the business would be in apposition to send personalized messages regarding the type of clothing they have to offer to their consumers during occasions such as Valentine or Christmas Eve.
Business models such as Business-to –Business have emerged in the current era as a result of technology. In the near future, new business models will surface. The first business model to surface will be F2b2c (Factory-to-business-Consumer) this will be a type of e-commerce business whereby the consumer links through a business on the internet. The business then transfers the customer specifications to a factory that can make or manufacture customized as well as tailored product adhering to customers' stipulations in addition to delivering it to the user (Haag and Cummings, 261). In this business model, the business will only act as an internet intermediary between the consumer and the factory. The business only provides a communication platform between the customer and the factory. This results to disintermediation whereby the internet is used as a delivery vehicle.
The other technology of internet changing is Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). As alluded by Haag and Cummings, (262) “this will allow individuals to send voice communications over the Internet and avoid the toll charges that you would normally receive from long distance carrier.” One can use their internet connection to make calls all over the world without limitations. The use of VOIP will ensure that one's calls are routed through a VOIP provider unlike in the current scenario where one's calls are routed through service providers (Haag and Cummings, 262).
Another internet type of changing internet is Web 3.0. If this is realized it will be the third generation of the Web. Although it's an ultimate vision, it is also possible. This type of web will focus primarily on semantics (Haag and Cummings, 262). Web 3.0 will be better compared to Web 2.0. Semantics can be defined as “the capability of the web technologies to interpret and understand human based content” (Haag and Cummings, 262).
Question Two
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) System is used in the recognition of speech (Haag and Cummings, 264). Moreover, the system can differentiate word alignments forming sentences (Haag and Cummings, 264). The system follows three steps to perform its task correctly. The first step is the feature analysis phase. In this step, an individual's words are captured by the system as one speaks through a microphone. Any background noise is eliminated at this stage while the digital signals of a person's speech are converted into phonemes. Secondly, the system classifies the patterns. A person's spoken phonemes are matched phoneme sequences which are stored in an audio model database (Haag and Cummings, 264). The third step is referred to as language processing. The two phonemes in step two are compared by the system as it attempts to interpret what a person is saying. The most important aspect of ASR is that it allows one to speak in their normal voice, hence supporting physiological interaction.
Virtual reality refers “to a three-dimensional computer simulation in which a person actively and physically participates” (Haag and Cummings, 265). The system makes us of distinctive input and output tools that capture one's physiological activities in addition to sending physical responses back to the individual (Haag and Cummings, 265). Such devices include a walker this an input gadget that amasses as well keeps a record of the movement of one's feet as one walks or turns in unlike directions. The other example is the headset which is both an input as well as an output gadget that seizes besides keeping record of the motion of an individual's head. Glove refers to an input device that amasses and keeps a record of the shape plus the movement of one's fingers together with the strength of their movement (Haag and Cummings, 265). This device is used in various fields for instance, in health care for training doctors on how to perform surgery making use of virtual cadavers. It is also employed in airlines in training pilots to be fully equipped in handling hostile weather conditions.
Haptic interfaces make use of technology ensuring that they have added body sensations to environments that earlier “only had visual and textual elements (Haag and Cummings, 266).” Haptic interfaces are used in making joysticks as well as game controllers. On the other hand, biometrics can be defined as the usage of physiological features such as blood vessels in providing identification (Haag and Cummings, 266) . Biometrics is applied when making custom made shoes or custom wedding gowns. It is also incorporated when making implant chips as well as biochips. Biochips are inserted into the body where they perform various physiological functions such as blocking of pain in patients suffering from severe spinal injuries (Haag and Cummings, 270). Implant chip store vital information about the identification of a person.
Question Three
According to Haag and Cummings, (270) Bluetooth is software used by users “for transmitting information in the form of radio waves over short distances of up to thirty feet.” Bluetooth can be used to transfer songs or video clips from one cellphone to another. Conversely, Wi-Fi is standard software developed for the transmission of data in the “form of radio waves over distanc...
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